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    Patrick Gallagher is a Canadian actor. He is most famous for his Attila the Hun role in Night at the Museum. He received a BAFTA Award for Performer in a Supporting Role nomination for his work in Ghost of Tsushima.

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    Patrick Gallagher may refer to:

    Patrick Gallagher (actor) (born 1968), Canadian actor

    Patrick Gallagher (designer), American designer

    Patrick Gallagher (footballer), soccer player

    Patrick Gallagher (politician) (born 1946), former Irish politician with Sinn Féin the Workers' Party, Workers Party of Ireland and Democratic Left

    Patrick Gallagher (racing driver), stock car racer

    Patrick Gallagher (businessman), Irish property developer and businessman

    Patrick D. Gallagher (born 1963), American physicist and chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh

    Patrick J. Gallagher (born 1949), president of San Francisco Giants Enterprises

    Patrick X. Gallagher, mathematician at Columbia University

    Paddy Gallagher (boxer) (born 1989), Northern Irish boxer

    Paddy "the Cope" Gallagher (1873–1966), founder of The Cope, or the Templecrone Agricultural Co-operative Society

    J. Patrick Gallagher Jr, American chief executive

    Patrick Gallagher, namesake of the USS Patrick Gallagher

    See also

    Pat Gallagher (disambiguation)

    Hugh Gallacher (footballer, born 1870) (1870–1941), Scottish footballer, known as "Paddy"

    Pat Gallacher (1881–1951), Scottish footballer

    Pat Gallacher (footballer, born 1913) (1913–1983), Scottish footballer

    Patrick Gallacher (1909–1992), Scottish footballer (Sunderland)

    Patsy Gallacher (1891–1953), Irish footballer (Celtic)

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    Patrick Gallagher - Canadian actor
    Patrick Gallagher - Canadian actor
    Patrick Gallagher - Canadian actor
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