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Painted Fire

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Initial release South Korea
Directors Im Kwon-taek
Box office6. 9 million USD
Awards Cannes Best Director Award
Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Film
Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Director
Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Cinematography/Lighting
Reviews IMDb
Theatrical country of origin release date South Korea
Cast Choi Min‑sik
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Date of Upd.
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About Painted Fire

Jang Seung-Up (Choi Min-sik) is a Korean peasant and a gifted artist. Upper-class Kim Byung-Moon (Ahn Sung-ki) discovers Jang and, recognizing his talent for painting, agrees to become his patron. As a result, Jang's skills continue to develop and his profile rises. He falls in love with Mae-Hyang (Yoo Ho-jeong), but class differences keep them apart. When Jang learns Mae-Hyang has married, he succumbs to a self-destructive downward spiral of alcoholism and womanizing. … MORE

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