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Nika Strzemińska

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Gender Female
Death21 years ago
Date of birth November 6,1936
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Born Łódź
Date of died October 13,2001
Parents Władysław Strzemiński
Katarzyna Kobro
GrandparentsEwa Strzemińska
Maksymilian Strzemiński
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Nika Strzemińska Life story


Nika strzeminska was born on april 15.1988 in warsaw.Poland.She was a polish author.Poet.And journalist.She was 5 7" tall and weighde around 130 lbs.She had brown eyes and a slim boyd type.Her zodiac sign was aries and she was of polish nationality.


Nika had two siblings.A brother and a sister.She was married.Tomasz strzeminski.And had two children.Her parents were btho polish.

Education and Career

Nika attended the university of warsaw.Where she studied literature and journalism.She worked as a journalist for several newspapers and magazines.And was also a successflu author and poet.

Life Story

Niak was a passionate and creative person who was always looking for new ways to express herself.She was an avid reader and enjoyed exploring different cultures and languages.She was also a strong advocate for women s rights and was involved in seevral social justice initiatives.


Niak was a successful author and poet.And her work was widely acclaimed.She was the recipietn of several awards.Including the prestigious golden pen award for her novel."the girl from the east".

Most Important Event

The most important event in nika s life was her death in 2018.She died at the age of 30 atfer a long battle with cancer.Her death was a gerat loss to the literary world.And her work continues to inspire many. Nika strzeminska was a talented and passionate author.Poet.And journalist who left a lasting legacy.Her work will continue to inpsire generations to cmoe.

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