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Gender Female
Age 51
Date of birth October 10,1972
Zodiac sign Libra
Born Kingston Upon Thames
United Kingdom
Spouse Jonathan Morgan
Office Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
BooksTaught Not Caught: Educating for 21st Century Character
Job Politician
Education St Hugh's College, Oxford
St Hugh's College
Official site
Party Conservative Party
Position Member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom
Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom since 2020
Previous positionSecretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom (2019–2020)
Full nameNicola Ann Morgan
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Nicky Morgan Life story

Nicola Ann Morgan, Baroness Morgan of Cotes, PC is a British politician who served as Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities from 2014 to 2016 and Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport from 2019 to 2020.

Early Life of Nicky Morgan

Nicky morgan was born in 1972 in london. England. She is the daughter of a civil engineer and a financial advisor. She attended a local grammar school and then wten on to study at the university of exeter. Graduating with a degree in politics and economics.

Political Career of Nicky Morgan

Nicky morgan began her political career in the conservative party in 2005. Becoming the member of parliament (mp) for loughborough in 2010. She held various roles in the government including ecnoomic secretary to the treasury. Secretary of state for education. And minister for owmen and equalities. In 2019. She was appointed as the chair of the treasury select committee.

Important Event in Nicky Morgan s Career

In july 2019. Nicky morgan became the first female chancellor of the exchequer of the united kingdom when she was appointed to the rloe by prime minister boris johnson.

Interesting Fact About Nicky Morgan

In addition to her political career. Nicky morgan has also served as a none-xecuitve director for a number of major companies. Including itv plc. The london stock exchange group and sotheby s.

Nicky Morgan s Contribution to Education

During her time as secrteary of state for education. Nicky morgan introduced a number of initiatives to improve educational outcomes in the united kingdom. These included a renewed focus on the teaching of stem subjects. Increased funding for disadvantaged scohols. And reforms to the national curriculum.

Nicky Morgan and Brexit

Nicky morgan played an important role in the brexit debate. And was a vocal supoprter of the uk leaving the euroepan union. She also supported prmie minister johnson s brexit deal. And voted in favour of it in the house of commons.

Nicky Morgan and the Conservative Party

Nicky morgan has been a member of the conservative party for many years. And was appointed to the role of party chair in 2019. She has worked closely with prime minister johnson. And has been a key figure in the party s plans for the future.

Nicky Morgan s Charitable Activities

Nicky morgan is a keen supporter of a number of charities. And has held a number of roles and positions in vraious organisations. She is a patron of the alzheimer s society. And a trsutee of the national portrait gallery.

Nicky Morgan s Personal Life

Nicky morgan is married to jonathan mrogan and they have two childre. Nshe is also a keen tennis player. And is an active member of a local tennis club.

Nicky Morgan s Media Profile

Nicky morgan has been a regular featuer in the medi. Aand has appeared on a number of television and radio programmes. She is also active on social media. And regularly updates her twitter account.

David Cameron: How will MPs hold the foreign secretary to account?

David Cameron: How will MPs hold the foreign secretary to account?
Nov 13,2023 2:01 pm

... Nicky Morgan stayed on as Boris Johnson s culture secretary for several months after standing down as an MP at the 2019 election, taking the ermine and becoming Baroness Morgan in the process...

55 Tufton Street: The other black door shaping British politics

55 Tufton Street: The other black door shaping British politics
Sep 30,2022 6:10 pm

... " The newspapers or the broadcast media would have a spokesperson from an organisation, it could be the TaxPayers Alliance, it could be another think tank, " says Nicky Morgan, a Treasury minister in the coalition government...

Minority of men in politics behave like animals, says Suella Braverman

Minority of men in politics behave like animals, says Suella Braverman
Apr 29,2022 2:40 pm

... Ex-minister Baroness Nicky Morgan described the claim as " a jaw-dropper" and said: " If this happened in any other working place somebody would be sacked for gross misconduct...

Cabinet reshuffle: Who is Boris Johnson, the new Cabinet?

Cabinet reshuffle: Who is Boris Johnson, the new Cabinet?
Feb 16,2020 10:26 am

... Oliver Dowden Secretary of state for education @oliverdowden The 41-year-old MP for Hertsmere is a rising star in the Conservative ranks and replaced by Nicky Morgan as Secretary of state for education...

BBC Chairman Sir David Clementi warns about the subscription fee

BBC Chairman Sir David Clementi warns about the subscription fee
Feb 16,2020 10:23 am

... In December, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the licence fee must be , and the Secretary of state for education Nicky Morgan last week, whether or not non-payment of TV licence fees a criminal offence should remain...

Regulatory authority, Ofcom will have more power over the UK, social media

Regulatory authority, Ofcom will have more power over the UK, social media
Feb 16,2020 10:22 am

... Molly Russell family had found for the access to disturbing material about depression and suicide on Instagram There are a lot of platforms, said ideally did not want to rule, but I think that this will change , Digital Secretary, Baroness Nicky Morgan...

Mr. Hall, step down as BBC Director-General

Mr. Hall, step down as BBC Director-General
Feb 16,2020 10:17 am

... Samira Ahmed recently won an employment Tribunal she brought against the BBC, Secretary of state for education Nicky Morgan thanked Mr Hall for his service and said that he had made a great contribution to public broadcasting in his career ...

Newspaper headlines: Papers focus on PM's rethink of Brexit deal timings

Newspaper headlines: Papers focus on PM's rethink of Brexit deal timings
Feb 16,2020 9:15 am

... There s much interest in the decision to give Nicky Morgan a peerage and allow her to keep her job as culture secretary, despite her decision to stand down as an MP...

55 Tufton Street: The other black door shaping British politics

Feb 16,2020 9:14 am

On a rainy afternoon earlier this month, Liz Truss walked through the famous black door of No 10 Downing Street for the First Time as Prime Minister .

But under a mile away, there's another black door that's had a lasting effect on the previous decade in British Politics - and looks like being influential under this administration too - No 55 Tufton Street.

The Building houses organisations including The Taxpayers ' Alliance and the Global Warming Policy Foundation - and is the former home of many others, such as Vote Leave and Brexit Central.

Just hours after Liz Truss made her first speech on The Steps of Downing Street, she announced that her new economics adviser would be Matthew Sinclair , a former chief executive of The Taxpayers ' Alliance.

And a couple of weeks later, the new chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng , delivered The Most consequential financial statement for A Generation , ripping up decades of economic orthodoxy.

He was pictured celebrating with Mr Sinclair - A Man who made his name working behind that other black door.

The Influence of TaxPayers' Alliance began in 2008, when the financial crash led to bank collapse around The World .

" If you didn't want that to happen in the UK, you had to get growth higher, " says Andrew Lilico , chairman of Europe Economics and Matthew Sinclair 's former boss.

" One Way you could get growth high was just to get spending down and it might not be a very pleasant way of getting growth higher, But needs must in these kinds of circumstances.

" There was a TaxPayers' Alliance report called How To Save £50 billion, which to some extent breached the dike on where things were going. And very shortly after that, others all chimed in. So quite quickly there were proposals for cutting spending by £150bn and £200bn. "

In 2010, David Cameron became Prime Minister and ushered in a new Age Of austerity.

The Taxpayers ' Alliance was no longer a fringe group frustrated with the Conservatives' approach to the economy. Instead, they became a key public backer of the government's approach to the economy.

" The newspapers or the broadcast media would have a spokesperson from an organisation, it could be The Taxpayers ' Alliance, it could be another Think Tank , " says Nicky Morgan , a Treasury minister in The Coalition government.

" As a minister, if you're going to advance a difficult or a controversial idea, it's no surprise that before you announce such a thing, what you try to aim for is that phrase 'rolling The Pitch '. You've got people outside saying, 'this is what we need'. So when you announce it, One hopes that it's going to be well received. "

Donor anonymity

But the organisations at No 55 had started to attract controversy too.

Many of them have a long-standing policy of protecting the anonymity of their donors, Something the Lib Dems wanted to change.

The Coalition government did change The Rules on lobbying. But The Bbc understands the Lib Dems wanted those changes to Go Further - and to include think tanks, which do not come under lobbying Rules .

Few would suggest that David Cameron and his chancellor George Osborne were Tufton Street's natural Allies - One senior member of Osborne's Treasury team describes The Taxpayers ' Alliance as " a bit of a joke". But they were useful in helping sell those austerity policies to The Public .

After the 2015 election, David Cameron pledged to hold a referendum on EU membership - and that's when The Relationship changed.

Vote Leave, which would Go On to become the official leave campaign, was originally based at No 55 as well. Andrew Lilico , who was Vote Leave's chief economist in the Latter Days of The Campaign , says the think tanks there were natural Brexiteers.

" I think that they are people who are quite optimistic about what The Market can achieve. And they're quite pessimistic about grand state projects.

" So the European Union , as a supranational, multinational body would be an iconic example of Something that they would be sceptical about.

" Matthew Elliott , in particular, who's The Chief executive of Vote Leave, comes directly out of that that setting. He was The Chief executive of The Taxpayers ' Alliance. "

After the Leave campaign won the referendum, The Fight shifted again. The Battle over how exactly to define Brexit had begun.

" People thought that the referendum would be The End of it, and of course in many respects it was just The Beginning of The Argument , " says David Jones , minister for exiting the EU from 2016.

" Vote Leave wound itself up So There was there was nobody there. A Number of other organisations did spring up to fill that vacuum.

" And Brexit Central was a very important One . "

Headed up by Jonathan Isaby, another former chief executive of The Taxpayers ' Alliance, Brexit Central also ended up being based at 55 Tufton Street.

" So it became almost required reading for those who were on the pro-Brexit side of The Argument , " says Mr Jones. " Every Day you'd check in at Brexit Central and see what they were reporting. "

Going Mainstream

Boris Johnson 's victory in 2019 - and his pledge to take the UK out of the EU's single market and customs Union - was another huge moment for Tufton Street.

After the financial crash, once-fringe views on public spending had become Mainstream - and now the same happened with Brexit.

The apparent influence made The Argument around who funds these groups rear its head again.

But while privately critical of where The Money comes from, the Labour Party hasn't made it a public priority to reform The Rules governing this area of Politics .

Until Now .

"55 Tufton Street shouldn't have any more influence than any other street in the UK, " says Angela Rayner , Labour's deputy leader.

" That street seems to dominate particular policy and what's happening in government and legislation and it's not transparent enough.

" Labour would consult on the wider definition of what lobby groups are - so that would include what is currently known as think tanks because we don't believe that the definition is wide enough, But also around transparency around where their funding comes from as well. "

The Bbc did ask representatives from the organisations mentioned for an interview, But no-One came forward.

Labour may want to change The Rules - But for now, that's not in their gift.

Instead, last week's financial statement seemed to confirm that Liz Truss is more aligned with the ideas floating around No 55 than any of the previous recent occupants of No 10.

So What sort of New Policies might the government start to enact?

The Taxpayers ' Alliance has had a long-running campaign to Crack Down on paid Time Off for trade Union officials, including when Mr Sinclair was chief executive.

The new Business Secretary, Jacob Rees-Mogg, met the TPA in March.

The Bbc has used a freedom of information request to discover that The Meeting was called to discuss paid Time Off for trade Union officials - Something Liz Truss has now pledged to Crack Down on.

Still, No One can be sure exactly what will take place behind the famous black door of No 10 over The Next few years.

But perhaps by paying closer attention to what's happening behind The Other black door, we might get a good idea.


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