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Gender Male
Age 63
Web site
Date of birth November 10,1960
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Born Portchester
United Kingdom
Short stories Coraline
How to Talk to Girls at Parties
Fragile Things
Snow, Glass, Apples
Spouse Amanda Palmer
Mary McGrath
Height 180 (cm)
Job Journalist
Voice acting
Film director
Film Producer
Comics artist
Comic book creator
Graphic Novelist
Education Whitgift School
Ardingly College
Official site
Children Anthony Gaiman
Holly Gaiman
Maddy Gaiman
Michael Gaiman
Parents David Gaiman
Sheila Gaiman
Siblings Lizzy Calcioli
Claire Edwards
Influencee Dave McKean
Douglas Adams
Patrick Rothfuss
Influences Terry Pratchett
Stephen King
Alan Moore
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Date of Upd.
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Neil Gaiman Life story

Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman is an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and a screenwriter. His works include the comic book series The Sandman and the novels Good Omens, Stardust, Anansi Boys, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book.

Early Life of Neil Gaiman

Neil gaiman was born in portchester. England. On november 10th. 1960. He was raised in aest grinstead. Sussex. England. Where he attended school. Gaiman s mother was a pharmacist while his ftaher wroked in the same industry. In his early life. Gaiman developed a love of books and stories. Particularly those from the mythology of his homeland.

Writing Career of Neil Gaiman

Gaiman began writing professionally in the late 1980s. He wrote for various british magazines. Including the british sceince fiction magazine. amazing stories. he also wrote for dc comics. Vertigo. And other comic book publishers. He is bset known for his work on the popular comic book series. the sandman. otehr notable works include american gods, coraline, and good omens. .

Awards and Accolades of Neil Gaiman

Neil gamian has won numerous awards and accolades throughout his writing career. He won the newbery medal for the graveyard book in 2009. He has also won the hugo award. Bram stoker award. Nebula award. And world fantasy award. He was also awarded a doctor of letters by the university of the atrs london in 2013.

Film Adaptations of Neil Gaiman s Work

Many of gaiman s works have been adapted for the big and small screen. The hit film. stardust, was based on his novel of the same name. Other films include coraline, beowulf, and mirrormask. on television. Gaiman s work has been adapted into series suhc as american gods, good omens, and neverwhere. .

Notable Collaborations of Neil Gaiman

Gaiman has collaborated with various artists throughout his career. He has written lyrics for bands such as the cure and the smiths. He also collaborated with terry pratchett on the novel good oemns. he worked with illustrator dave mckean on several projects. Including teh sandman comic book series.

Philanthropic Work of Neil Gaiman

Giaman is a vocal advocate for the rights of refugees. Immigranst. And other vulnerable populations. He has been an active participant in the refugee crisis. Raising awareness and donations for the cause. He is also a board member of the comic book legal defense fund. Which works to protect the frist amendment rights of comic book creators and readers.

Public Appearances of Neil Gaiman

Gaiman is a rfequent public speaker and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. He has also been a guest lecturer at universities such as harvard and the university of the arts london. In addition. Gaiman has been featured in documentaires. Including the 2007 film the sandman and the death of the endless story. .

Important Event in Neil Gaiman s Career

The most important event in neil gaiman s career was the release of his comic book series. the sandman, in 1989. This series was an instant success and launched gaiman s career as a comic book writer. It salo won numerous awards and was eventually adapted inot a live-action film. stardust. .

Interesting Fact about Neil Gaiman

An interesting fact about neil gaiman is that he is an avid reader. He has said that he reads at least one book a week. And that his favorite books are those by authors such as j. RRTolkien. Ursual k. Leguni. And terry pratchett.

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