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Notable aliasSteel, Starlight, Vaporlock, Jenny Blake
Creators Louise Simonson
Jon Bogdanove
Chris Batista
Fictional universe DC Universe
Partnership Traci Thirteen
AffiliationsTeen Titans
Notabl aliasSteel, Starlight, Vaporlock, Jenny Blake
Alter egoNatasha Jasmine Irons
Team affili Superman
Justice League
Justice League Queer
Fictional universe DC Universe
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Date of Upd.
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About Natasha Irons

Natasha Irons is a fictional superhero in DC Comics. She first appeared in Steel #1. She becomes the fifth superhero to use the name Steel when her uncle John Henry Irons is injured. In the 2006 limited series 52, Natasha gains superpowers and uses the codename Starlight.

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