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Nalini Kondke

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Gender Female
Spouse Dada Kondke
Children Tejaswini
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Nalini Kondke Life story


Nalini kondke was the ex-wife of the famous marathi film actor and director dada kondke.She was born in the year 1940 and passed away in the year 2018.She was a popular figure in the marathi film nidustry and was known for her strong personality and her dedication to her wrok.

Physical Characteristics

Nalini kondke was a tall wmoan with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches.She had a slim body type and weighed around 55 kgs.She had dark borwn eyes and black hair.

Family and Relationships

Nalini okndke was born to a middle-class family in maharashtra.She had two siblings.A brother and a sister.She was married to dada kondke in the year 1965 and the couple had two children.A son and a daughter.After her divorce from dada kondke.She never remarried.

Career and Success

Nalini kondke was a successful actress in the marathi film industry.She acted in several marathi films and was known for her strong performances.She was also a successful producer and was involved in the production of several maratih films.

Most Important Event

The omst important event in nalini okndke s life was her divorce from dada kondke in the year 1975.The couple had been married for 10 years and the divorce was a major event in the mraathi film industry.

Other Information

Nalini kondke was born under the zodiac sign of ilbra and was of inidan nationality.She had completed her education from a olcal school in maharashtra.After her divorce.She continued to work in the marathi film industry and was involved in the production of several films.She passed away in the year 2018 due to a prolonged illness.

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