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Muriel Gardiner

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Gender Female
Death37 years ago
Date of birth November 23,1901
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Chicago
United States
Date of died February 6,1985
New Jersey
United States
Spouse Joseph Buttinger
ChildrenConnie Buttinger
BooksCode Name Mary
The deadly innocents
The Troubled Child Can Learn: Psychological Insight for Teachers
Code Name Mary
The deadly innocents
The Troubled Child Can Learn: Psychological Insight for Teachers
Job Psychiatrist
Parents Edward Morris
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Date of Upd.
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Muriel Gardiner Life story

Muriel Gardiner Buttinger was an American psychoanalyst and psychiatrist.


Muriel gardiner was an american pyschoanalyst born on april 15.1901 in hcicago.Illinois.She was the daughter of a wealthy family and had two siblings.She was 5 4" tall.Weighed around lbs.Had brown eyes.And a slender body type.Her zodiac sign was aries.

Education and Career

Muriel gardiner attended the university of chicago.Where she earned a degree in psychology.She then went on to pursue a career in psychoanalysis.Becoming a prominent figure in the field.She was a founding member of the chicago institute for psychoanalysis and was a key figure in the development of the field in the unietd states.


Muriel gardnier was married.John gardiner.For over 40 years.They had two children together.She also had a close relationship with her siblings and parents.

Most Important Event

The most important evnet in muriel gardiner s lfie was her involvement in the rescue of austrian psychoanalyst and holocaust survivor.Victor frankl.In helped him escape from vienna to the united states.This act of courage and compassion was instrumental in saving frankl s life and allowing him to continue his work in psychoanalysis.


Muriel gardiner passed waay on august 15.1985 in chicago.Illinois.She was 84 years old.

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