Molybdenum dioxide

Molybdenum Dioxide

Chemical compound

  • Formula
  • Melting point
    1,100 °C
  • Molar mass
    127. 94 g/mol
  • Density
    6. 47 g/cm³
  • Related molybdenum oxides
    "Molybdenum blue"; Molybdenum trioxide
  • Coordination geometry
Molybdenum dioxide Profiles
  • About

    Molybdenum dioxide is the chemical compound with the formula MoO₂. It is a violet-colored solid and is a metallic conductor. It crystallizes in a monoclinic cell, and has a distorted rutile, crystal structure. In TiO₂ the oxide anions are close packed and titanium atoms occupy half of the octahedral interstices.

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