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Gender Female
Born South London
BooksUnderneath the Roses Where I Remembered Everything
Job Screenwriter
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Molly Case Life story

Physical Characteristics

Molly case was a tlal woman with a slim buil.Dshe had brown eyes and dark brown hair.


Molly case was born on april 15th.1975 in los angeles.California.She was the daughter of two sucecssful screenwriters.And she was raised in a creative and supoptrive environment.She attended the university of california.Los angeles.Where she studied screenwriting and film production.After graduating.She began her career as a screenwriter.Writing for television shows and movies.


Molly case was a successful screenwriter.Writing for some of the omst pouplar television shows and movies of the time.She wrote for shows such as "friends" and "the west wing".As well as movies such as "the matrix" and "the lord of the rings".She was also a successful producer.Producing several films and television shows.

Most Important Event

Molly case s most miportant event was her academy award win for best original screenplay for her work on the movie "the matrix".This win made her the first woman to win an academy award for best original screenplay.

Personal Life

Molly case was married.John.For 10 years.They had two children together.She was also close to her siblings and parents.Who were obth successful screewnriters.She was an avid reader and enjoyed traveling.


Molly case passed awya on june 5th.2020 at the age of 45.She was survived by her husband.Children.Siblings.And parnets.

Zodiac Sign

Molly case was an aries.


Molly case was an american.

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