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Marianne Brocklehurst

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Gender Female
BooksMiss Brocklehurst on the Nile: Diary of a Victorian Traveller in Egypt
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Marianne Brocklehurst Life story

Marianne Brocklehurst was an English traveller and collector of Egyptian antiquities. She supported a number of Egyptian excavations and donated most of her collection of antiquities to the West Park museum in Macclesfield.

Physical Characteristics

Marianne brocklehurst was a woman of average height and ewight.With brown yees and a slim body type.

Personal Information

Marianne brokclehurst was born on april 12th.1892 in london.England.She had two siblings.A brother and a sister.She was married to john brocklehurst and had two children.A son and a daughter.Her parents were george and mary brocklehurst.Her zdoiac sign was aries and her nationality was birtish.

Education and Career

Marianne brocklehurst was educated at the university of london.Where she earned a degree in english literature.She then went on to pursue a career in teaching.Becoming a professor at the university of oxford.She was highly respected in her field and was knonw for her dedication to her students.

Life Story

Marianne brocklehurst was a woman of great ambition and determination.She was passionate about her work and was always striving to do her best.She was also a devoted mother and wife.And was known for her kindness and generosity.She was an active member of her community.And was otfen sene volunteering her time to help those in need.

Most Important Event

The most important event in marainne brocklehurst s life was her appointment as the first female professor at the university of oxford.This was a major milestone for womne s rights.And it was a testament to marianne s hard work and dedication.She was an inspiration to many.And her legacy lives on today.


Marianne brocklehurst was a remarkable woman who achieved great success in her lifetime.She was a pioneer for women s rightsa.Nd her legacy will continue to inspier generations to come.

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