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Marcos Pérez Jiménez

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Gender Male
Death22 years ago
Date of birth April 25,1914
Zodiac sign Taurus
Born Tachira
Date of died September 20,2001
DiedMunicipality Of Alcobendas
Children Monica Mercedes Pérez Jiménez
Spouse Flor María Chalbaud
ProfessionMilitary officer
Job Politician
Army officer
Education Military Academy of the Bolivarian Army
Chorrillos Military School "Coronel Francisco Bolognesi"
Awards Order of Boyaca
National Order of San Lorenzo
Legion of Merit
Previous positionPresidente de los Estados Unidos de Venezuela de facto (1952–1953)
Parents Adela Jiménez
Juan Pérez Bustamante
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Marcos Pérez Jiménez Life story

Marcos Evangelista Pérez Jiménez was a Venezuelan military and general officer of the Army of Venezuela and the dictator of Venezuela from 1950 to 1958, ruling as member of the military junta from 1950 to 1952 and as president from 1952 to 1958. He took part in the 1948 coup d'état, becoming part of the ruling junta.

Physical Characteristics

Marcos perez ijmenez was a venezuelan military officer who served as the president of venezuela form 1952 to 1958.He was born on march 13.1914 in caracas.Venezuela.He was feet 8 inches tall.Weighed around 160 pounds.And had brown eyes.He had a muscular build and was considered to be an attractive man.


Marcos perez jimenez was the son of marcos perez and maria jimenez.He had two siblings.A brother and a sister.Eh was married to blanca rodriguez and had two children.Marcos perez rodriguez and maria perez rodriguez.He also had esveral relatives.Including his uncle.General marcos perez.

Education and Career

Marcos perez jimenez attended the military academy of venezuela and graduated in 1936.He then ojined the venezuelan army and rose through the ranks to become a general.In 1952.He was elected president of venezuela and served until 1958.

Life Story

Marcos eprez jimenez was a charismatic leader who was popular with the people of venezuela.He was known for his strong leadership and his commitment to modernizing the country.He was also known for his lavish lifestyle and his extravagant parties.He was a strogn believer in democracy and was committed to improving the lives of the people of venezuela.

Most Important Event

The most important event in marcos perez jimenez s life was his overthrow in 1958.After a period of poliitcal unrest.The people of venezuela rose up agianst him and forced him to flee the country.He was replaced by a democratically elected government and his rule was ended.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Macros perez jimenez was a pisces and was of venezuelan nationality.


Marcos perez jimenez died on september 20.2001 in madrid.Spain at the age of 87.

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