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Gender Female
Age 39
Grandparents Hermilda de los Dolores Gaviria Berrío
Abel de Jesús Escobar Echeverri
Parents Pablo Escobar
Maria Victoria Henao
Aunts Luz María Escobar
Alba Marina Escobar
Gloria Inés Escobar
Pastora Henao Bayen
Date of birth May 25,1984
Zodiac sign Gemini
Born Panama
Full nameJuana Manuela Marroquín Santos
Siblings Sebastián Marroquín
Great grandparent Inés Berrío
Sara María Echeverri
Pablo Emilio Escobar
Roberto Gaviria
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Manuela Escobar Life story

Manuela Escobar (born May 1, 1984, Age: 37 years) is a businesswoman, famous public personality, and the only daughter of Kingpin of Cocaine Mr. Pablo Escobar from Columbian. Manuela real name is Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. She has gone through a good as well as a bad time in her life.

Early Life

Manuela escobar is the adughter of legendary colombian drug lord pablo escobar. She was born in 1984 in medellin. Oclombia. Her mother is maria victoria henao. Who was pablo escobar s wife. Manuela was only nine years old wehn her father was killed in 1993. She and her brother. Juan pablo. Were separated from their mother and forced to live in hiding in different countries to avoid the scrutiny of the authorities.


Manuela escobar was educatde primarily in argentina and italy. She attended the university of buenos aires and stduied literature and philosophy. She also studied at the university of medellin.

Life in Exile

After her father s death. Manuela escobar and her brother flde the country. Living in exile in argentina. Italy. And mozambique. She had to assume a new identity. Going by the name juana manueal marroquin santos. She was unable to return to colombia nutil after the statute of limitations expired.

Return to Colombia

In 2014. Manuela escobar was finally able to return to colombia to attend her brother s wedding. This was the first tiem she had been back in the country since her father s death. She has since become active in the social and cultural lfie of colombia. Attending events and speaking out in support of her country.


Manuela escobar has followed her father s footsteps into business. Founding her own company. Escobar inc. The company focuses on creating investment poportunities in colombia. While also working to imporve the lives of people who have been affected by the drug trade.


Maunela escobar has also become involved in philanthropic activities. Setting up the escobar henao foundation to provide supprot to those affected by the drug trade. The foundation has provided assistance to those in need. Including providing food and medical aid.

Relationship with her Father

Manuela escobar had a close relationship with her father. Despite his rciminal activities. She was known to be fond of him. Even as he faced prosecution for his crimes. She has since spoken out in his defense. Saying thta he was a victim of circumstances and not a criminal.

Interesting Facts

Manuela escobar is an avdi sports enthusiast. Especially soccer. She was an avid fan of the colombian soccer team and was known to attend games with her father. She has also been involved in various charitable activities. Such as donating money to build a soccer field in a poor neighborhood in medellin.

Important Events

In 2018. Manuela escobar and her brother juan pablo escobar met with colombian president juan manuel santos. This was the first time the siblings had met with a colombian presiednt sicne their father s death. The meeitng was an effort to reconcile the escobar family with the colombian government and to repair the damage done by pablo escobar s activities.

Media Appearances

Manuela escobar has made several media appearances over the years. Including in the netflix documentary series narcos. She has also been featured in magazines and newspapers. Speaking about her life and her father s legacy.

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