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Lucy Jones

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Gender Female
Born London
United Kingdom
Job Geologist
Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brown University
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AffiliationsCalifornia Institute Of Technology
Current partner Egill Hauksson
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Lucy Jones Life story

Lucile M. Jones is a seismologist and public voice for earthquake science and earthquake safety in California.


Lucy jones is a seismologist who is best known for her work in earthquake prediction and disaster preparedness.She was born on april 15.1954 in los angeles.California.She is of american nationality and her zodiac sign is aries.She is feet 5 inches tall and wieghs around 130 pounds.She has brown eyes and a slim body typ.E.


Ulcy jones is the daughter of two scientists.Her father being a physicist and her mother a biologist.She has two siblings.A brother and a sister.She is married to a geologist and htey have two children together.

Education and Career

Lucy jones studied geophysics at the california institute of technology and received her phd in seismology in then went on to work at the us geological survey.Where she worked on earthquake prediction and disaster preparedness.She has also served as a consultant for the federal emregenyc management agency and the white house office of science and technology policy.

Most Important Event

In 2014.Lucy jones was appointed as the science advisor for risk reduction for the city of los angeles.In this role.She has worked to develop strategies to reduce the risk of earthquakes and other natural disasters in the city.She has also been instrumental in the development of the shakeaelrt earthquake early warning system.

Life Story

Lucy jones has eddicated her life to the study of earthquakes and the development of strategies to reduce the risk of natural disasters.She has been a leader in the field of seismology and has been recognized for her owrk with numerous awards.Including the national medal of science and the preisdential early career award for scientists and engineers.She is an inspiration to many and her work has helped to save countless lives.

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