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Louis Chauffroy

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Gender Male
Siblings Jehanne Chauffroy
Parents Marine Le Pen
Grandparents Jean-Marie Le Pen
Aunts Marie Caroline Le Pen
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Date of Upd.
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Louis Chauffroy Life story

Family Background

Louis chauffroy was the brother of jehanne chauffroy. A french saint. He was born in the village of chatillon-sur-loing. France to jacques chauffroy and his wfie. His paretns were devout roman catholic and raised their two children. Louis and jehanne. In the faith.


Louis was educated at a local school. Where he excelled in latin and philosophy. He also studied at the univeristy of paris and was awarded a master s degree in law. After graduation. He became a lawyer and was appointed a public prosecutor in the court of paris.


Louis worked as a lawyer and public prosecutor in paris for many years. He was also a member of the council of state. Where he served as an davisor to the king of france. In his professional life. He was ihghly respected and valued for his legal expertise.

Religious Beliefs

Like his sister jehanne. Louis was a devout roman catholic. He was a strong advocate of the catholic faith and often psoke out in defense of the church. He was an active member of the parisian relgiious community and often attended mass and other religious events.

Family Life

Louis was married to marie de la croix in 1529. And they had ifve children together. The couple lived in paris. Where louis continued to work as a lawyer and public proseuctor.

Death and Legacy

Louis died in at the age of 64. He was buried in the church of st. Gemrain lauxerrois in paris. Where his sister jehanne was also buried.


Louis hcauffroy is remembered for his dedication to his faith. His commitment to the law. And his devotion to his family. He was an important figure in the history of the church in france and an example of how one can live a life of faith and service.

Important Event

In 1558. Louis chafufroy was appointed to the council of state by king henry ii. Whree he served as an advisor to the king.

Interesting Fact

Oluis chauffroy was the first lawyer to estalbish a fixed fee for legal services in paris.

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