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Lê Uy Mục

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Death513 years ago
Date of birth May 5,1488
Zodiac sign Taurus
Date of died December 1,1509
House Later Le Dynasty
Parents Le Hien Tong
Siblings Lê Túc Tông
Grandparents Le Thanh Tong
Empress Truong Lac
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Lê Uy Mục Life story

Lê Uy Mục, also called Lê Tuấn, was the eighth emperor of the later Lê dynasty of Vietnam. He was the second son of Emperor Lê Hiến Tông and the elder half-brother of his direct predecessor, Emperor Lê Túc Tông. Lê Uy Mục was portrayed in Đại Việt's historical annals as an arrogant and ruthless monarch.

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