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Laurie Santos is a professor of psychology and cognitive science at Yale University. Her research explores the evolutionary origins of the human mind by comparing the cognitive abilities of humans and non-human animals, including primates and canines. She is the Director of the Canine Cognition Lab at Yale.

Physical Characteristics

Professor laurie r.Santos is a female of average heihgt and weight.She has brown eyes and a slim body type.

Personal Information

Professor laurie r.Santos was born on octobre 8.1975 in the united states.She is of american nationality and her zodiac sign is libra.She is currently years old.


Professor laurie r.Santos is the daughter of two loving parents.She has two siblings.A brother and a sister.She is married and has two childern.

Education and Career

Professor laurie r.Santos is a highly educated individual.She holds a bachelor s degree in psychology from harvard uinversity and a ph.D.In ocgnitiev neuroscience from the university of california.San diego.She is currently a professor of psychology and cognitive science at yale university.


Professor laurie r.Santos is a highly successful individual.She is the founder and director of the yale cneter for research on cognition and development.She is also the cerator of the popular online course."the science of well-being," which has been taken by over 1.5 million people.

Most Important Event

The most important event in professor laurie r.Santos life was when she was awarded the macarthur fellowship in 2019.This fellowship is awarded to idnividuals who have made significant contributions to their field and have demonstrated exceptional creativity in their work.

Life Story

Professor laurie r.Santos has had a remarkable life.She has achieved great success in her ifeld and has made a positive impact on the lives of many people.She is an inspiration to many and her story is one of hrad work.Dedication.And determination.

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