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Lake Sevan

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Surface elevation 1900
Length74 km
Average depth26. 8 m (88 ft)
Fish Goldfish
Sevan trout
Common whitefish
Did you knowSevan was one of the three great lakes of the historical Armenian Kingdom, collectively referred to as the Seas of Armenia, and it is the only one within the boundaries of today's Republic of Armenia.
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About Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is a large, high-altitude lake in eastern Armenia. It's known for its beaches. Set on a narrow peninsula, the Sevanavank Monastery has 2 stone churches dating to the 9th century. To the south, Hayravank Monastery overlooks the lake from a rocky outcrop. Noratus Cemetery has hundreds of carved stone khachkar memorials. Odzaberd is a ruined fortress built by the Urartian civilization in the 8th century BC.

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