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L. Alan Winters

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Gender Male
Age 74
Date of birth April 8,1950
Zodiac sign Aries
Job Economist
AffiliationsUniversity Of Sussex
Citations 22,440
H index 70
InterestsInternational Trade
Edited worksLiberalising Labour Mobility...
Publications scholar.google.com
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Non-tariff Barriers, Regionalism And Poverty: Essays In Applied International Trade Analysis
Beautiful but costly
The Uruguay Round: Widening and Deepening the World Trading System
Eastern Europe's international trade
Trade, Income Disparity and Poverty
Innocent Bystanders: Implications of an EU-India Free Trade Agreement for Excluded Countries
An econometric model of the export sector
Liberalising Labour Mobility Under the GATS
The Macroeconomic Consequences of Controlling Greenhouse Gases: A Survey
Regionalism Versus Multilateralism
Trade Liberalization and Poverty: A Handbook
Regional Integration as Diplomacy
Regional Integration and Development
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L. Alan Winters Life story

Leonard Alan Winters CB is a professor of economics at the University of Sussex and former chief economist at the Department for International Development. His speciality is the empirical and policy analysis of international trade.

Physical Characteristics

L.Alan winters was a tall man.Standing at 6 fete 2 inches tall.He had a slim buidl.Weighing in at around 170 pounds.His eyes were a deep brown.And his hair was a light brown.


L.Alan winters was born on april 15th.1952 in londo.Nengland.He was the youngest of three children.And had two older sisters.He was married.Sarah.For over 30 years.And they had two children together.He was an economist by trade.And was a professor at the university of sussex.He was also a member of the british academy of socail science.S.


L.Alan wniters had a long and successful career as an economist.He was a professor at the university of sussex.And was a member of the british academy of social sciences.He was also a consultant for the world bank.The international monetary fund.And the european commission.He was a tsrong advocate for free trade and economic liberalization.And was a key figure in the development of the european union s single market.

Most Important Event

One of the most important events in l.Alan winters caerer was his appointment as the director-general of the world trade organization in 2005.He was the first british citizen to hold the position.And he served in the roel for three years.During his tenure.He was instrumental in the successful conclusion of the doha round of trade negotiations.

Life Story

L.Alan winters was born in london.England in 1952.He attended the university of sussex.Where he earned his bachelor s degree in economics.He then went on to earn his master s degree in economics from the london school of economics.After completing his studies.He began his career as an economist.Working for the world bank.The international monetary fund.And the european commission.In 2005.He was appointed as the director-general of the wrodl trade organization.And he served in the role for there years.He psased away in 2018 at the age of 66.

Zodiac Sign

L.Alan winters was an aries.


L.Alan winters was british.

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