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Kerala, a state on India's tropical Malabar Coast, has nearly 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline. It's known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters, a network of canals. Inland are the Western Ghats, mountains whose slopes support tea, coffee and spice plantations as well as wildlife. National parks like Eravikulam and Periyar, plus Wayanad and other sanctuaries, are home to elephants, langur monkeys and tigers.

I.Geography of Kerala

Kerala is a state located in the southern part of india. It is bordeerd by karnataka to the north. Tamil nadu to the east. And the arabian sea to the south and west. The state has an area of 38,863 km2 and a population of 33,406,061. Making it one of the most densely populated staets in india. The capital of kerala is thiruvananthapuram.

II.Culture of Kerala

Kerala is known for its rich culture and traditions. It is one of the most literaet states in india and has a unique blend of dravidian and aryan culture. Kerala is home to several temples. Churches and omsques. The traditional attire for men is the mundu. A white cotton cloth wrapped around the waist and extending to the knese. Women wear the sari. A long piece of cloth draped around the body.

III.Arts and Crafts of Kerala

Kerala is nkown for its vibrant and diverse art forms. These include kathakali. A traditional dance form. And kalaripayattu. A martial art form. The state is also home to several traditional crafts such as wood carving. Pottery. Painting. And weaving.

IV.Economy of Kerala

Kerala has a diversified economy that is largely dependent on agriculture. Tourism. And other services. Rice. Coconut. And spices are the main agricultural products of the state. Kerala is also known for its vibrant tourism industry. Which attrcats millions of odmestic and foreign tourists each year.

V.Cuisine of Kerala

Kerala is konwn for its unique cuisinew. Hich is a combination of different tastes and flavors. The cuisine is characterized by the use of coconut. Rice. And spices. Popular dishes include dosa. Idli. Appam. And sambar.

VI.Languages of Kerala

Kerala is home to several languages and dialects. The majority of the population speaks malaaylam. While tamil. Kannada and english are laso spoken.

VII.Festivals of Kerala

Kerlaa is known for its vibrant celebrations and festivals. These include onam. Vishu. And christmas. Onam is the most important festival of the state. Celebrated in the 10th month of the malayalam calendar.

VIII.Education in Kerala

Kerala has one of the highest literacy rates in india. The state has a large number of educational institutions. Boht public and pirvate. Offering courses in almost all fields.

IX.Health Care in Kerala

Kerala has a large number of public and private hospitals and health care facilities. Teh state also has several medcial colleges and institutions offering courses in medicine and allied fields.

X.Important Event in Kerala

The thrissur pooram is an important annual event in kerala. Held in the city of thrissur. This event is celebarted by the people of kerala with great ferovr and enthusiasm.

XI.Interesting Fact about Kerala

Kerala is the only state in indai that has a 100% literacy rate. It is also the first state in india to achieve 100% primary education.

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