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Gender Female
Age 27
Date of birth March 20,1995
Zodiac sign Pisces
Born Bupyeong-gu
South Korea
Height 162 (cm)
Full name Kim Ji-yeon
Movies/Shows Matching! Boys Archery
Girl Spirit
Siblings Kim Min-ji
Music groups Lovelyz
Education Incheon Youngsun High School
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Kei Life story

Kim Ji-yeon, known professionally as Kei, is a South Korean singer and musical actress. She rose to fame as a member of South Korean girl group Lovelyz in November 2014. Kei officially made her solo debut with released EP on October 8, 2019 titled Over and Over.

Kei may refer to:


Kei (given name)

Kei, Cantonese for Ji(姫)

Kei, Cantonese for Qi(奇, 祁, 亓)

Shō Kei (1700–1752), king of the Ryūkyū Kingdom

Kei (singer) (born 1995), stage name of South Korean singer Kim Ji-yeon

Princess Kei (Keihime) of Japan

Kei Nishikori, Japanese professional tennis player


Kei car, a Japanese category of small automobiles

Suzuki Kei, a kei car produced by Suzuki between 1998 and 2009

Kei truck, a tiny RWD or 4WD pickup truck in Japan

In fiction

xxxHolic: Kei, the second season of the anime

Sir Kei or Sir Kay, a character in Arthurian legend

Kei, a character in Akira media

Kei, a character in Dirty Pair media

Kei, a character in the Ape Escape universe

Kei, a fictional country in Twelve Kingdoms media

Kei, a character in Moon Child

Kei Nagase, a character in the Ace Combat universe

Kei, short for Keiichiro, a character in Wangan Midnight and Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune


Knowledge Ecology International, dealing with issues of intellectual property

Knowledge Economic Index, on knowledge economy

Keyword Effectiveness Index for a web site

Kinetic Energy Interceptor, former planned American missile defense program

Keithley Instruments, NYSE symbol

Other uses

Kei or Kai Islands, part of the Maluku Islands, Indonesia

Kei language

kei(x), one of the Kelvin functions

Kei school of Buddhist sculpture, Japan

Kei Rail, a South African rail project

Kei cricket team, South Africa

Kei, subgroup of the Kugyō in the Japanese pre-Meiji court

Great Kei River, in South Africa

KEI Industries, electrical cable and wire manufacturing company

a style in Japanese street fashion or a Japanese pop subculture, e.g. Visual kei

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