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Karl Shuker

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Gender Male
Born West Midlands
United Kingdom
Job Author
Media consultant
Education University of Birmingham
University of Leeds
Date of Reg.
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The Beasts That Hide from Man: Seeking the World's Last Undiscovered Animals
Extraordinary Animals Revisited
Karl Shuker's Alien Zoo
The Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals
Mysteries of Planet Earth
Still in Search of Prehistoric Survivors: The Creatures That Time Forgot?
The Lost Ark: New and Rediscovered Animals of the Twentieth Century
Mirabilis: A Carnival of Cryptozoology and Unnatural History
Cats of Magic, Mythology and Mystery
Dr Shuker's Casebook
The Menagerie of Marvels
Star Steeds and Other Dreams
Dragons in Zoology, Cryptozoology, and Culture
In Search of Prehistoric Survivors: Do Giant extinct Creatures Still Exist?
The Hidden Powers of Animals
Extraordinary Animals Worldwide
A Manifestation of Monsters: Examining the (un)Usual Suspects
The Unexplained
Mystery Cats of the World: From Blue Tigers to Exmoor Beasts
Here's Nessie: A Monstrous Compendium from Loch Ness
Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals on Stamps - a Worldwide Catalogue
From Flying Toads to Snakes with Wings : from the Pages of Fate Magazine
The Search for the Last Undiscovered Animals
Cfz Expedition Report: Gambia 2006
Atlas de Lo Inexplicable
More Star Steeds and Other Dreams: The Collected Poems of Dr Karl P N Shuker - Expanded Edition
The Smaller Mystery Carnivores of the Westcountry
Historic Realms of Marvels and Miracles: Between Myth and Materiality
Coming from the Skies: Our Neighbors from Above
Ancient Worlds, Ancient Mysteries: Legends of Many Millennia
We are Not Alone: Searching the Heavens
Making Contact: Alien Affairs
Lost Worlds and Forgotten Secrets: Riddles of Earth and Beyond
Imagining Other Worlds: Where Faith and Fact Meet
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Karl Shuker Life story

Karl Shuker is a British zoologist, cryptozoologist and author. He currently lives in the Midlands, England, where he works as a zoological consultant and writer.

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