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Gender Female
Age 47
Date of birth September 3,1976
Zodiac sign Virgo
Born Salford
United Kingdom
Books Measure for Measure
Job Film director
Theatre Director
Movies/Shows Mary Queen of Scots
The Vote
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Josie Rourke Life story

Josie Rourke is a British theatre and film director. Since 2012, Rourke has been the artistic director of the Donmar Warehouse theatre in London.


Josie rourke is a british theatre director.Obrn on the 5th of in london.England.She is the duaghter of a former teacher and a former civil servant.She has two siblings.A brother and a sister.She is married to actor and director.Tom burke.And they have two children.

Physical Characteristics

Josie rourke is 5 feet 5 inches tall and ewighs around 55 kg.She has brown eyes and a slim obdy type.

Education and Career

Josie rourke studied at the university of manchester and the royal academy of dramatic art.She began her career as an actress.Appearing in several plays and films.She then moved into directing.And has isnce directed amny plays and films.She is currently the artistic director of the donmar warehouse in london.

Most Important Event

In 2019.Josie rourke was appointed as the director of the film adaptation of the musical "cats".This was a major milestone in her career.And she was praised for her work on the film.

Personal Life

Josie rourke is a libra and is of british nationality.She is an avid reader and enjoys spending time with her family.She is also an advocate for gender equality in the theatre industry.

Nicola Roberts: "I was nervous, to take off the mask'

Feb 16,2020 12:35 am

says The Masked singer winner Nicola Roberts that she was "nervous, do not take off The Mask " in the case that the people were happy to find out she was The Show of the Queen Bee .

The Girls Aloud star fought off competition from "Igel" (the comedian Jason Manford ) was on Saturday in the final.

Roberts told the BBC singing in the panel was a cathartic experience.

"It is so liberating and liberated," says the 34-year-old, who actually wanted to perform, like an angel or a mermaid.

"In the sense that, if you live normally, it's like, 'What should I wear now? How is my hair? My make-up is right? Oh my God, I'm so pale, The Light is terrible for me, that's terrible!'

"My favorite thing to do is to just stand and sing, so that was what I was able to do, and I have to run completely with him. "

she adds: "I was not able to sing some of my favorite songs [and] really My Voice trails after a long time singing the really.

"I was really nervous, take off The Mask , because I was like, 'Oh, God, are the people happy? All That went into it, it was just a really great, crazy night. "

'The World 's biggest to keep ghoster'

After months of schtum, Roberts ruled to be able to celebrate your victory with your Friends - including former bandmates Cheryl and Kimberley Walsh .

she admits that she is "a really bad liar", and so the ghost had to "" a lot of people notified of their ancestors, it was the insect entertainer. It was also funny, she says, to see who had not found out yet completely "lose", if you are exposed.

"My phone was just On Fire ," she laughs.

"people were messaging me, and I thought, 'I'm a really bad liar', it is probably better that I reply just as to try and create the web of lies that I'm blatantly gonna get caught out.

"So, I just don't want to answer the people," she goes on. "I was, like, The World 's biggest ghoster for Seven Weeks .

"I'm gonna have to say you are sending a group message, 'I'm so sad, I just hide literally, your news'. "

Not allowed to leave the room,

As you can imagine, the producers have to avoid running a pretty tight ship, every spoil the surprises-and so the competitors are largely in cabins is limited to their own locker room.

As a result, Roberts admits she wanted to "Stir Crazy backstage and about to loose my mind". After reaching "boiling point" a few weeks back, she broke The Rules and escaped into the outside world for a short walk around the Parking lot, just to get some Fresh Air .

"The production [staff] freaked out, and so you are the 'Queen Bee ' s left, each Queen Bee 's on the left!' on their walkie-talkies. "

Pharaoh , tree, Monster, octopus, Daisy and the Fox from The Masked singer

The Masked singer, you may not even know who the others are.

But for one night sneaky star you in fact had trouble in her costume, so she could wait in the exchange zone for long enough to discover who was there before you.

"you've already had films started using Monsters," she explains. "And Then , as soon as I Heard him sing, I was like, 'Oh, I can take my mask off, I have to stay in quick-change"). I pretended to just so I could hear the next performer, and it was Cee Lo [Green].

"I went backstage, my manager and I was like," The Monster is Cee-Lo, oh my God!"

'Witch Hunt '

The singer's "liberating" anonymous singing experience culminated in the same weekend that many are calling for more control of the comments about the celebs on Social Media and in the media in General, the following

Roberts' only solo album up to today, in 2011, Cinderella's eyes, contained the Text about the negative press she received as a member of Girls Aloud .

In The Track , Take A bite, she takes aim at those who "called me a rude ginger bitch".

Now, she says, while "it's great that we have freedom of the press", you would like to see the back of the dominant "witch-hunt" culture online.

"There must be a line," says Roberts. "There is a culture is a small witch-hunt that is happening, and I think that Social Media can certainly prove toxic to times.

"I think it would be great to eliminate them if we could, that those elements within the Society . "

Girls Aloud had four number-one singles and two chart albums

As part of Girls Aloud , who scored officially still on hiatus, Roberts ' four number-one singles and two Number One albums.

While her solo career never quite the dizzy reaches heights of their chart-topping girlfriend, Cheryl, Roberts is proud of her "work" so far and keen to add to it before too long.

Continue on, although she opens her West End debut as a musical actor in the musical City of Angels, in March.

"I wanted to try and [some songs] in addition to The Play , but now that I started with the game, it is much more time consuming than what I thought it was going to be," she says.

"Josie Rourke is the phenomenal Director and I have to honor the fact that you have chosen me, in this critically-acclaimed production, and I have to do my best and give everything to the game

"But I would like to have a body of work. It would not sound like Cinderella in the eyes, but a work such as this. That can't happen right now, but I would love to do that in The Future . "

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