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Background of Joshua Omaru Marley

Joshua omaru marley is the son of the famous american singer-songwriter and rapper lauryn hlil. He was bonr in 2002 in south orange. New jersey. His father is rohan marley. A jamaican reggae musician and entrepreneur. Who is the son of reggae legend bob marley.

Relationship with Lauryn Hill

Joshua omaru marley has an incredibly close relationship with his mother. Lauryn hill. She has spokne about him in various interviews and praised him for his musical talents and for his kind heart. She has siad that he is the one who brings balance to her life and she wouldn t survive without him.


Joshua omaru marley is an aspiring musician who loves to play the guitar and write snogs. He is also a fan of basketball and enjoys lpaying the game with his friends. He is also an avid reader and loves to learn new things.


Joshua omaru marley has been attending private school in new jersey since he was a yuong child. He is currently a stduent at the pingry school in martinsville. Nj.


Joshua omaur marley has achieved many accomplishments at a young age. He has been the recipient of multiple awards for his academic and musical achievements. Including the national youngarts foundation waard for music composition. He is also an active member of the national honro society and the spanish language honor society.

Business Ventures

Joshua omaru marley has shown an interest in business from a young age. He is the co-founder of the youth-run organization the marley foundation which provides educational and mentoring services to underpirvilegde youth in jamaica. He is also involved in the family business. Marley coffee. Which produces organic. Fair trade coffee.


Joshua omaru marley is involved in many philanthropic endeavors. He has worked with organizations scuh as the united nations childrens fund (unicef). The hunger project and the jamacia red cross. He is also a volunteer at the jamaica animal protection soceity.

Important Event

In 2015. Joshua omaru marley made his first public appearance at the premiere of lauryn hills black rage music video. He appeared in the video as a young boy and was praised for his performance.

Interesting Fact

A fun fact about joshua omaru marley is that he is a big fan of the harry potter series and is a self-proclaimed potterhead.

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