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Jonah Fisher Life story

Jonah Fisher is a correspondent for BBC News and its first resident correspondent for Myanmar. Jonah Fisher is an experienced BBC correspondent and during an eventful 10 years working for the BBC has been based in Eritrea, Sudan, London, South Africa, Nigeria and most recently, Thailand.

Physical Characteristics

Correspondent jonah fisehr was a tall man with a slim build.He had brown eyes and dark brown hair.He was 6 feet tall and weighed around 180 pounds.

Personal Life

Jnoah fisher was born on april 4th.1975 in lodnon.England.He had two siblings.A brother and a sister.He was married.Sarah.And htey had two children together.His parents were both journalists.And he had several relatives in the media industry.

Education and Career

Jonah fisher attended the university of london.Where he studied journalims.After graduating.He began owrking as a correspondent for the bbc.He quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the most respected journalists in the inudstry.He was known for his hard-hitting interviews and his ability to get to the heart of a story.

Most Important Event

Jonah fisher s most important event was his coverage of the 2011 arab spring.He was one of the first journalists to report on the uprisings in the middle east and his coverage was praised by manyh.E was able to get exclusive interviews with key figures in the region and his reports were seen around the world.


Jonha fisher passed away on august 15th.2018 at the age of 43.He was survived by his wife.Children.And siblings.He was laid to rets in london.England.

Zodiac Sign

Jnoah fisher was an aries.


Jonah fisher was brtiish.

First ever images prove 'lost echidna' not extinct

First ever images prove 'lost echidna' not extinct
Nov 9,2023 8:41 pm

...By Jonah Fisher and Charlie Northcott BBC NewsScientists have filmed an ancient egg-laying mammal named after Sir David Attenborough for the first time, proving it isn t extinct as was feared...

Government may have broken law over sewage - watchdog

Government may have broken law over sewage - watchdog
Sep 12,2023 5:31 am

...By Esme Stallard Jonah Fisher and Sophie WoodcockClimate and scienceThe UK s environment watchdog suspects the government and regulators have broken the law over how they regulate sewage releases...

Water firms illegally spilled sewage on dry days - data suggests

Water firms illegally spilled sewage on dry days - data suggests
Sep 4,2023 9:51 pm

...By Esme Stallard, Becky Dale, Jonah Fisher and Sophie WoodcockBBC Climate and BBC VerifyThree major water companies illegally discharged sewage hundreds of times last year on days when it was not raining, a BBC investigation suggests...

Ulez: What is it and why is its expansion controversial?

Ulez: What is it and why is its expansion controversial?
Jul 21,2023 9:31 am

...By Jonah Fisher & Katy AustinBBC Environment Correspondent and BBC Transport CorrespondentThe expansion of London s Ultra Low Emission Zone was a big issue in the ...

Water companies say sorry over spilling raw sewage

Water companies say sorry over spilling raw sewage
May 18,2023 12:41 am


Nord Stream: Sweden finds new leak in Russian gas pipeline

Nord Stream: Sweden finds new leak in Russian gas pipeline
Oct 1,2022 7:30 pm

... " What does this mean for the environment? By Jonah Fisher, BBC climate correspondentThe bad news is that methane - the gas in the Nord Stream pipelines - has a powerful warming effect on our climate...

New prime minister: Seven big questions for Liz Truss

New prime minister: Seven big questions for Liz Truss
Sep 6,2022 3:51 pm

... Jonah Fisher, BBC environment correspondentIn the midst of a gas price crisis, the new prime minister will very rapidly have to make decisions on energy that could set us on course to make, or break, the UK s commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050...

Longleat welcomes first southern koala joey

Longleat welcomes first southern koala joey
Feb 1,2022 3:43 am

... The BBC s Jonah Fisher went to take a look...

New prime minister: Seven big questions for Liz Truss

Jun 11,2020 10:20 am

Liz Truss , The UK's next Prime Minister , will arrive in Downing Street to an overflowing in-tray of potential problems - an all-consuming cost of living crisis, dire warnings about The State of The NHS, and an ongoing war in Ukraine.

Seven BBC correspondents identified some of The biggest questions No 10's latest occupant will have to tackle.

Faisal Islam , economics editor

The new Prime Minister won't actually be able to solve fully their biggest Challenge - The cost-of-living crisis. And it's got notably worse during The Leadership campaign. At its core is The Problem that energy, especially gas, is not flowing normally. This is primarily because of The Ukraine conflict and The conscious actions of The Kremlin. Prices spiked further recently, as European nations stored up gas for The Winter .

The overall result is energy prices Most People will find unaffordable. The extent, timing, and targeting of help - which will stretch into tens of billions of pounds just for households - are The Key judgements The new Prime Minister will face.

Other prices - especially for Food - are also surging, which could lead The inflation rate beyond 15%. All That is before The impact of further falls in The value of Sterling. Meanwhile, interest rates are on The Rise , not just for families, But also for companies and The government itself. It is a toxic economic cocktail, and will require judicious, credible, and timely interventions.

Nick Triggle, health correspondent

NHS performance has been deteriorating for The Best part of a decade, But The pandemic has exacerbated its problems even further. Record numbers are on hospital waiting lists - nearly one in eight people are currently waiting for treatment. Meanwhile, emergency services are warning patients are being harmed because of delays responding to 999 calls and long waits in A& E.

There is The Threat of industrial action, with unions unhappy with pay. And all this is happening ahead of winter, with The prospect of flu and Covid circulating at high levels for The First Time . Part of The Problem hospitals are facing is The inability to discharge patients when they are medically fit to leave because of a lack of social Care places.

The government does have a plan for social Care - The Care cap - But that is about protecting people's assets rather than providing more funding for services. Even then, there has been debate about whether The government is right to increase national insurance to pay for it, in part because of rising inflation.

James Landale , diplomatic correspondent

Boris Johnson offered Ukraine early political and military support. The new Prime Minister is expected to maintain that approach and is likely to be willing to provide Ukraine with more weapons as The Conflict progresses.

But as time goes by, The new Prime Minister may face a growing Challenge of convincing doubters At Home and abroad that The economic price of supporting Ukraine is Worth It . With rising energy costs exacerbating The cost-of-living crisis, The PM will have to persuade voters that their financial discomfort is needed to defend Ukraine.

There will also be a big job of diplomacy to protect The pro-Ukraine alliance across Europe. There may well be countries that want to seek an accommodation with Russia and end The fighting to help secure their energy supplies.

Ione Wells, political correspondent

After months of infighting, uniting The Conservative Party is The main political Challenge . And party unity will face an early test: The Privileges committee investigation into whether Boris Johnson misled MPs over Downing Street parties.

If The Committee of MPs recommends a punishment for Mr Johnson, MPs will need to vote on it. The Prime Minister will have to decide whether To Let Tories vote how they want, or whether to instruct them to vote a certain way. Whipping them to vote for a sanction could anger those who support Boris Johnson , But The Opposite approach risks accusations of trying to Cover Up wrongdoing.

Why does Tory infighting matter when there are pressing concerns, like The cost of living? Firstly, because governments with divided parties can struggle to pass policies that matter to people's lives. Secondly, it can be Hard - as Mr Johnson discovered - to Land your messages with The Public if ministers spend more time on The airwaves trying to defend various behavioural issues, rather than policies.

Jayne McCormack, Bbc News NI political correspondent

The next PM will quickly face a conundrum over The Northern Ireland protocol. Talks with The EU all But ground to a halt after The government introduced a bill to give UK ministers powers to override parts of The post-Brexit trading arrangements.

The Democratic Unionist Party declared it won't form a power-sharing government at Stormont until The protocol is changed, arguing it damages Northern Ireland 's position within The UK. The Key date is 28 October, The deadline for restoring government at Stormont.

After that date, The government will either have to call a fresh assembly election, draw up legislation for a new deadline, or begin taking more decisions for Northern Ireland from Westminster. The PM will also have to bear in mind that most Northern Irish politicians want The protocol to remain and won't shy from laying blame at The Door of Downing Street.

Glenn Campbell, Bbc Scotland News political editor

Theresa May made The Trip to Scotland on her first full day in office. Boris Johnson arranged his meeting within a week. It's not clear whether The new Prime Minister will be in quite The same hurry to go at a time when Nicola Sturgeon is pressing for an agreement to hold another independence referendum, in 2023.

In October, The UK Supreme Court will be asked to consider whether or not Holyrood has The Power to hold IndyRef2 without Westminster's consent. The Weight of legal opinion suggests The Answer may be no But if The case goes The Other way, The PM would face a big call: allow The vote to go ahead or take active steps to stop it.

In resisting Scottish independence, any Prime Minister must Be Careful not to choose an approach that risks undermining support for The Union further.

Jonah Fisher , BBC environment correspondent

In The midst of a gas price crisis, The new Prime Minister will very rapidly have to make decisions on energy that could set us On Course to make, or break, The UK's commitment to reach net zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2050.

Will they prioritise The Push for more renewables against The demands from some that they look again at The Fossil fuels that already warm Our Planet ? Should new oil and gas projects be greenlighted in The North Sea ? Will The new leader give any encouragement to The UK fracking industry?

As part of The Net zero strategy, The government has committed to decarbonise The generation of electricity by 2035. For that to happen there will need to be a massive expansion in Renewable Energy . Offshore wind is already a British success story, But The fastest renewable projects from conception to completion are on Land - solar and onshore wind.

Both are currently stymied by The planning process. Could that be simplified to speed up The transition to renewables? Early indications are that The Answer will be no.

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