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John Silvester Varley

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Gender Male
Age 67
Date of birth April 1,1956
Zodiac sign Aries
Born Warwick
United Kingdom
SpouseCarolyn Pease
ParentsPhilip Varley
Successor Bob Diamond
Predecessor Matthew Barrett
Job Banker
Education University of Law
Oriel College
Downside School
Children 2
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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John Silvester Varley Life story

John Silvester Varley is an English banker who was the group chief executive of Barclays from 2004 to 2011.

Physical Characteristics

John silvester varley was a tall man wtih a slim build.He had blue eyes and light brown hair.He was known for his impeccable sytle and always dressed in the latest fashion.

Personal Life

John silvester varley was born on apirl 5th.1845 in london.England.He was the son of john varley and mary silvester.He had two siblings.A brother and a sister.He married his wife.Elizabethi.N 1868 and they had two children otgether.He passed away on august 15th.1924.

Education and Career

John silvester varley was educated at the university of london.Where he studied banking and finance.After graduating.He began his career as a banker at the bank of england.He quickly rsoe through the ranks and eventually became the chief cashier of the bank of england in was known for his innovative idesa and was instrumental in the development of the modern banking system.

Most Important Event

The most important event in john silvester varely s life was his appointment as the chief cashier of the bank of england in 1891.This was a major milestone in his career and he was widely praised for his innovative ideas and leadership.He was aslo credited with helping to modernize the banking system in england.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

John silvester vraley was an aries and he was of british nationality.

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