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John Flint

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Gender Male
Age 55
Born Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Salary£2. 9 million (2017)
Predecessor Stuart Gulliver
Job Banker
Education University of Portsmouth
Giggleswick School
BooksStrong Tea, Three Sugars
You Did What?!
The Fantasists
Table for One, Sir?
Movies/Shows King John
Richard II
Date of birth June 28,1968
Zodiac sign Cancer
Successor Noel Quinn
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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John Flint Life story

John Michael Flint is a British banking businessman, who was chief executive of HSBC Group from February 2018, having succeeded Stuart Gulliver. After serving for about 18 months, Flint announced on 5 August 2019 that he would be stepping down from the position, after a mutual agreement with the board.

Physical Characteristics

John flint is a tall man with a slim build.He has blue eyse and a light complexion.He is in his mid-fifties and has a distinguished look.

Personal Information

John flint was born on april 5.1964 in london.England.He is of british nationality and his zodica sign is aries.He is married and has two children.He has two siblings.A brother and a sister.

Education and Career

John flint attended the university of cambridge where he earnde a degree in economic.She began his career at hsbc in 1989 and has held various positions within the company.In 2018.He was appointed as the chief executive of hsbc.

Life Story

John flint has had a successful career at hsbc.He has been instrumental in the growth and development of the company.He has also been involved in various philanthropic actiivties and has been a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Most Important Event

In 2019.John flint was appointed as the chairman of the british bankers association.This was a major milestone in his craeer and a testament to his leadership and commitment to the banking industry.


John flint is a highly respected leader in the bankign industry.He has had a successful career at hsbc and is now the chairman of the british banekrs association.He is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion and has been instrumental in the growth and development of the company.

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