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Gender Male
Death19 years ago
Date of birth April 16,1569
Zodiac sign Aries
Born Wiltshire
United Kingdom
Date of died July 21,2003
United Kingdom
Height 185 (cm)
Weight 68 (kg)
Olympic medalsAthletics At The 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's 1500 Metres
Education St Edward's School Oxford
The Queen's College
Winchester College
Party Conservative Party
BooksThe Survival of Industrial Society, Three Views of Europe
The Poems
Historical Tracts
Official site
SongsSongsGŵr BonheddigWelsh Rare Beat 2 · 2007 Ffair CaerdyddProteaView 20+ more
ListGŵr BonheddigWelsh Rare Beat 2 · 2007
Movies/Shows Hobo with a Shotgun
There Are Monsters
Painted Hero
Current partnerEleanor Davies
ChildrenLucy Hastings
Grandchildren Theophilus Hastings, 7th Earl of Huntingdon
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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John Davies Life story

Sir John Davies was an English poet, lawyer, and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1597 and 1621. He became Attorney General for Ireland and formulated many of the legal principles that underpinned the British Empire.

John Davies may refer to:


United Kingdom

John Davies (poet, born 1569) (1569–1626), poet, statesman, attorney-general in Ireland

John Davies (Welsh miners' agent) (died 1918), Welsh Liberal-Labour politician and trade unionist

John Cledwyn Davies (1869–1952), Welsh Liberal politician, educationist and lawyer

John Davies, 1st Baron Darwen (1885–1950), British cotton manufacturer and Labour politician

John Lloyd Davies (1801–1860), Welsh lawyer and politician, MP for Cardigan Boroughs

John Davies (British businessman) (1916–1979), British businessman (director-general of the CBI) and Conservative MP and cabinet minister

Quentin Davies (John Quentin Davies, born 1944), British Labour MP

United States

John Davies (swimmer) (1929–2020), United States district judge and Olympic swimmer for Australia

John C. Davies (lawyer) (1857–1925), New York State Attorney General, 1899–1902

John Paton Davies Jr. (1908–1999), American diplomat

John C. Davies II (1920–2002), U.S. Representative from New York

John T. Davies (politician) (born 1932), Minnesota politician, former legislator and jurist

John S. Davies (Pennsylvania politician), Pennsylvania politician, in office 1975–1992


John Davies (New South Wales politician) (1839–1896), Australian politician, NSW MLA (1874–87), MLC (1888–96)

John Mark Davies (1840–1919), British-born Australian politician in the state of Victoria, MLC (1889–1919)

John George Davies (1846–1913), Tasmanian politician, newspaper proprietor and first-class cricketer



John Davies (cricketer, born 1926) (1926–2005), Welsh cricketer

John Davies (cricketer, born 1932), former English cricketer


John Davies (footballer, born 1856) (died 1929), Wrexham A.F.C. and Wales international footballer

John Edward Davies (1862–1912), Oswestry F.C. and Wales international footballer

John Price Davies (1862–1955), Druids F.C. and Wales international footballer

John Davies (goalkeeper) (fl. 1889–1893), with Burslem Port Vale F.C. and Newton Heath F.C.

John Davies (footballer, born 1881) (1881–?), English footballer with Liverpool and Blackpool

John Davies (footballer, born 1933) (fl. 1953–1961), footballer with Portsmouth, Scunthorpe United and Walsall

John Davies (footballer, born 1959), Welsh footballer with Cardiff City and Hull City

John Davies (footballer, born 1966), Scottish footballer with Clydebank, St. Johnstone, Airdrieonians, Ayr United and Motherwell

Jack Davies (football trainer) (John Henry Davies), British football trainer

Football (Australian rules)

Johnny Davies (1900–1967), Australian rules footballer for Carlton and Fitzroy

John Davies (Australian footballer) (born 1943), Australian rules footballer for Geelong


John Leighton Davies (1927–1995), former rugby union and professional rugby league footballer

John Davies (rugby, born 1941) (1941–1969), rugby union and rugby league footballer of the 1960s for Wales (RU), Neath, and Leeds (RL)

John Davies (rugby union, born 1971), rugby union footballer of the 1990s and 2000s for Wales, Llanelli, and (Llanelli) Scarlets

John Davies (rugby league, born 1991), current rugby league footballer for Castleford Tigers


John Davies (middle-distance runner) (1938–2003), New Zealand middle-distance runner


Jack Davies (swimmer) (1916–1997), New Zealand swimmer

John Davies (swimmer) (1929–2020), Olympic swimmer for Australia and later United States district judge

John Goldup Davies, English swimmer

Other sports

John Davies (bowls), New Zealand Paralympic lawn bowler

John Davies (ice hockey) (1928–2009), Canadian ice hockey player with the Edmonton Mercurys

John Davies (climber), South African climber

Religious leaders

John Cadvan Davies (1846–1923), Welsh poet and Wesleyan minister

John Thomas Davies (priest) (1881–1966), Anglican priest in Wales

John Rhys Davies (priest) (1890–1953), Anglican priest in Wales

John Davies (bishop of St Asaph) (born 1943), Bishop of St Asaph, 1999–2008

John Davies (bishop of Shrewsbury) (born 1927), former Anglican Bishop of Shrewsbury

John Davies (archbishop of Wales) (born 1953), Archbishop of Wales (since 2017); also Bishop of Swansea and Brecon (since 2008)

John Ossian Davies, Welsh minister

John Davies (archdeacon of Wrexham) (1908–1991), from 1969 to 1978

John David Davies, Welsh priest

John Davies (minister) (1804–1884), Welsh Congregational minister

John Davies (Methodist minister, born 1823) (1823–1874), Welsh Methodist minister

John Davies (Unitarian minister, born 1795) (1795–1858), Welsh Unitarian minister and schoolmaster

John Park Davies (1879–1937), Welsh Unitarian minister

John Davies (missionary) (1772–1855), Welsh missionary and school teacher

John Davies (priest, born 1957), British Anglican priest and academic

John Davies (priest, born 1795) (1795–1861), Welsh priest and philosopher

John Davies of Nercwys (1799–1879), Welsh Calvinistic Methodist minister, preacher and writer

John Evan Davies (1850–1929), Welsh Calvinistic Methodist minister

John Gwynoro Davies (1855–1935), Welsh Methodist minister

John Llewelyn Davies (1826–1916), English preacher and theologian


John Davies (Queens') (1679–1732), English classical scholar, and president of Queens' College, Cambridge

John Davies (librarian) (1743–1817), librarian of the University of Cambridge

John Davies (lecturer) or Davis (died 1850), English chemist and lecturer

John Davies (archivist) (1925–1999), Malaysian archivist

John K. Davies (historian) (born 1937), British classical historian

John Davies (historian) (1938–2015), Welsh historian

John K. Davies (astronomer) (born 1955), British astronomer

John Gordon Davies, professor of theology

Arts and entertainment

Actors and people in film and television

Jack Davies (screenwriter) (John Davies, 1913–1994), English screenwriter, producer and actor

John Davies (director) (born 1934), British television director and producer (War and Peace, 1972)

John Howard Davies (1939–2011), English television producer-director and former child actor

John S. Davies (actor) (born 1953), American actor

John Graham Davies, British actor

Poets and writers

Siôn Dafydd Rhys, also called John David Rhys, or John Davies (1534 – c. 1609), Welsh physician and grammarian

John Davies of Hereford (c. 1560–1618), Anglo-Welsh poet and satirist

John Davies (Mallwyd) (c. 1560–1644), lexicographer, translator, and editor of the 1620 Welsh edition of the Bible

John Davies (poet, born 1569) (1569–1626), English poet, lawyer and politician

John Davies (translator) (1625–1693), Welsh translator and writer

John Davies (Taliesin Hiraethog) (1841–1894), Welsh poet

John Cadvan Davies (1846–1923), Welsh poet and Wesleyan minister

John Davies (poet, born 1944), Welsh poet

John Daniel Davies, Welsh editor and author

John Davies (author), Welsh author

John Davies (bard), or Siôn Dafydd Las, Welsh bard

John Davies (bibliographer and genealogist), Welsh bibliographer and genealogist

John Davies (printer and journalist), Welsh printer, editor, journalist and song writer


John R. T. Davies (1927–2004), remastering engineer of classic jazz recordings and musician

John Davies (photographer) (born 1949), landscape photographer based in the United Kingdom

John Davies (composer), Welsh stone mason and composer

John Elias Davies, Welsh harpist

John Haydn Davies, Welsh schoolmaster and conductor


John Davies (publisher) (1814–1872), co-founded the Australian newspaper The Mercury

John Henry Davies (c. 1864–1927), brewery owner who in 1902 took over the British football club Manchester United

John Wingett Davies (1908–1992), cinema operator and director of Davies and Newman

John Davies (British businessman) (1916–1979), businessman (British Petroleum) and Conservative MP and cabinet minister

John Davies (New Zealand businessman) (born 1941 or 1942), businessman and mayor of Queenstown

John Winsell Davies (born 1964), owner of the Schramsberg Vineyards

Sir John T. Davies (businessman), British businessman, director of the Suez Canal Company, and the Ford Motor Company Limited


John Humphreys Davies (1871–1926), Welsh lawyer, bibliographer and educator

John Thomas Davies (1895–1955), English recipient of the Victoria Cross

John Davies, editor of The Children's Newspaper and Look and Learn

John Davies (judge) (1898–1969), Chief Justice of Tanganyika (now Tanzania)

John Davies (architect), English architect

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