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Gender Male
Age 86
Spouse Betty Sue Palmer
Children Johnny Depp
Christi Dembrowski
Daniel Depp
Debbie Depp
Grandchildren Lily-Rose Depp
John Christopher Depp III
Jack Depp
Job Film director
Voice acting
Film Producer
SongsHollywood Affair
Hello, Little Girl
The Mermaid
Ballade De Melody Nelson
Kemp In the Village
Too Close To The Sun
Pretty Women
A Little Priest
Fade In-Out
Sands Theme
You're So Vain
The Jesus Stag Night Club
As Bad As I Am
That Woman's Got Me Drinking
Kill a Politician
My Friends
No Place Like London
The Mermaid Song
The Contest
Final Scene
The Joker
American Dreamers Old Home Movie
Little Lion Man
A Visitation of Energy
American Dreamers
Damien Echols Death Row Letter, Year 16 1/2
Who's Laughing Now
My Dead Drunk Friends
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
The Boogieman Surprise
People Who Died
I Want My Now
Good People Are Hard to Find
Raise The Dead
The Last Vampire
We Gotta Rise
Queenie Eye
Missus McGraw
Sally Racket
Whiskey Johnny
Sam's Gone Away
Ship in Distress
Itchycoo Park
I Got A Line On You
I'm A Boy
Date of birth January 1,1938
Parents Violet Mattie Grinstead
Oren Larramore Depp
Grandparents Roy F. Grinstead
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Date of Upd.
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