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Gender Male
Age 25
Date of birth October 20,1997
Zodiac sign Libra
Born Paisley
United Kingdom
Education Nashville College
Cumberland University
United Kingdom
FoundedBell Shakespeare
BooksBell's British theatre
Bell's New Pantheon
Edited worksBell's British theatre
Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry ...
SongsSilence, My SoulTake This Moment · 2000 Amen SiakudumisaSing with the World: Global for Children · 2008 Uyai MoseSing with the World: Global for Children · 2008 View 25+ more
ListSilence, My SoulTake This Moment · 2000
Amen SiakudumisaSing with the World: Global Songs for Children · 2008
Uyai MoseSing with the World: Global Songs for Children · 2008
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John Bell Life story

John Bell was an English publisher. Originally a bookseller and printer, he also innovated in typography, being responsible for an influential font that omitted the long s. He was also noted for drawing the reading public to "the best literature" by commissioning attractive art work to accompany the printed work.

John Bell may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

John Zephaniah Bell (1794–1883), Scottish artist

John Bell (sculptor) (1812–1895), British sculptor

John Hyslop Bell (1833–1920), Scottish journalist, newspaper owner and editor

J. Bowyer Bell (1931–2003), American historian, artist and art critic

John Bell (radio personality) (born 1934), American disc jockey

John Bell Jr. (artist) (1937–2013), American painter and sculptor

John Bell (Australian actor) (born 1940), Australian actor and director

John Kim Bell (born 1952), Canadian conductor

John Bell (special effects artist), Academy Award nominated special effects artist

John Bell (rock musician) (born 1962), American guitarist and lead singer for Widespread Panic

John P. Bell (born 1979), American digital artist, educator and software developer

John Bell (Scottish actor) (born 1997), Scottish actor

Law and politics

John Bell (Leominster MP) (fl. 1508–1533/44), English MP for Leominster

John Bell (Winchelsea MP) (fl. 1514–1543), English MP for Winchelsea

John Bell (barrister) (1764–1836), English barrister

John Bell (New Hampshire politician) (1765–1836), American politician, governor of New Hampshire

John Bell (Ohio politician) (1796–1869), U.S. Representative, mayor of two cities in Ohio, and probate judge

John Bell (Tennessee politician) (1796–1869), U.S. House Speaker, Secretary of War, Senator, and presidential candidate

John Montgomerie Bell (1804–1862), advocate of the Scottish bar, and sheriff of Kincardine

John Bell (Liberal politician) (1809–1851), British politician, MP for Thirsk

John Bell (Wisconsin politician), Wisconsin state assemblyman in 1853

John Alexander Bell (1829–1901), member of the Queensland Legislative Council

John Hedley Bell (1840–1897), politician in Manitoba, Canada

Sir John Charles Bell (1843–1924), British businessman and Lord Mayor of London

John Calhoun Bell (1851–1933), U.S. Representative from Colorado

John C. Bell (lawyer) (1861–1935), Pennsylvania lawyer

John R. Bell (trade unionist) (1862–1924), British trade union leader and political activist

John C. Bell Jr. (1892–1974), American judge and governor of Pennsylvania

John J. Bell (1910–1963), U.S. Representative from Texas

John William Bell (1838–1901), Canadian politician

John Howatt Bell (1846–1929), Canadian politician

John R. Bell, Governor of East Florida, 1821

John Bell (Florida politician) (1916–1982), American politician, Florida State Representative and State Senator

John Bell (legal scholar), British professor of law and fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge

John Peter Bell, Canadian diplomat

John Bell (Virginia politician) (born 1963), member of the Virginia State Senate

John R. Bell IV (born 1979), American politician, member of the North Carolina General Assembly


John Bell (traveller) (1691–1780), Scottish traveller and author

John Bell (publisher) (1745–1831), English publisher

John Bell (folk music) (1783–1864), English folk song collector

John Gray Bell (1823–1866), English bookseller

John Joy Bell (1871–1934), Scottish author

John Bell (historian) (born 1952), Canadian archivist and comic book historian


John Bell (bishop of Mayo) (died 1541), clergyman in Ireland

John Bell (bishop of Worcester) (died 1556), English clergyman

John Bell (dean of Ely) (died 1591), English priest and academic

John Bell (Wesleyan minister) (1788–1855), Wesleyan minister from England who came to Newfoundland

John Bell (Australian priest) (1898-1983), Australian Anglican priest

John L. Bell (born 1949), Scottish religious leader, musician, and composer


John Bell (surgeon) (1763–1820), Scottish anatomist and surgeon

John Graham Bell (1812–1899), American taxidermist

John Stewart Bell (1928–1990), physicist from Northern Ireland

John Lane Bell (born 1945), mathematician and philosopher

Sir John Bell (physician) (born 1952), British–Canadian biologist

John Cameron Bell (born 1953), Canadian cancer researcher

John B. Bell (born 1954), American mathematician


John Bell (footballer, born 1886) (1886–1917), Australian rules footballer killed during World War I

John Bell (English cricketer) (1895–1974), English cricketer

John Bell (1920s Scottish footballer), Scottish football striker

John Bell (1930s Scottish footballer), Scottish football forward

John Bell (footballer, born 1919) (1919–1994), English football full back

Johnny Bell (Canadian football) (1921–1998), Canadian football player

John A. Bell, American football coach

John Robert Bell (1922–2008), American college football coach and athletics administrator

John Bell (field hockey) (born 1933), British Olympic hockey player

John Bell (bowls) (born 1947), British bowler

John Bell (footballer, born 1949), Australian rules footballer

John Bell (Australian cricketer) (born 1949), Australian cricketer


John Bell (artillerist) (1747–1798), English artillerist

John Bell (farmer) (1750–1820), central figure in the Bell Witch ghost story of southern American folklore

Sir John Bell (British Army officer) (1782–1876), British general and Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey

John Bell (explorer) (c. 1799–1868), Canadian explorer and Hudson's Bay Company governor

John Thomas Bell (1878–1965), British businessman, founder of Bellway

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John Bell & Croyden, a pharmacy on Wigmore Street, London

John Bell Farm, listed on the National Register of Historic Places listings in eastern Chester County, Pennsylvania

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