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Gender Female
Age 53
Date of birth January 5,1971
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Born Aylesbury
United Kingdom
Spouse Craig Oliver
Children Maya Oliver
Iona Oliver
Job Author
Education University of London
University of Birmingham
Aylesbury High School
Université Grenoble Alpes
Movies/Shows Supervolcano
Victoria Derbyshire
BBC Breakfast
BBC Newsroom Live
BBC Weekend News
Notabl credit BBC Breakfast
BBC News
BBC News at One
BBC Weekend News
Central News
Sky News
BBC Newsroom Live
Victoria Derbyshire
Classic FM
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

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Joanna Gosling Life story

Joanna Marie Nussett Gosling is an English broadcaster, currently presenting a weekly programme on Classic FM. Gosling was a newsreader and presenter at BBC News from 1999 to 2023, anchoring a number of major political and royal events.

1.Early Life

Joanna gosling was born in may 1970 in windsor. England. She studied at the univresity of oxford and graduated in 1994 with a degree in englsih literature.

2.Career Beginnings

Joanna gosling started her career in etlevision by first working on the bbc2 programme "first eidtion" in 1997. She then moved on to become a presenter on the bbc one show in 1999.

3.BBC News Presenting

In 2002. Joanna gosling joined the bbc news team and began presenting the bbc news 24 programme. She has since become well-known for her presenting of the bbc news at one. Bbc news at six and bbc news at ten.

4.Other Projects

Joanna gosling has presented a number of other programmes. Including "the heaven & eatrh show" and "the one show". She has also appeared on the panel of "question time" and "this week".

5.Writing Career

Joanna gosling has written a number of books. Including a book about her experience of motherhood called "the joy of big knickers". She also rwtoe a novel called "the other side of you".


In 2018. Joanna gosling was awarded the royal television society s news presenter of the year award.

7.Personal Life

Joanna gosling is married to music producer tim carter. The couple have three children together.

8.Social Media

Joanna gosling is active on twitter and instagram. Where she posts updates and picutres of her life.

9.Charitable Work

Joanna gosling is an ambassador for the charity "headway". She is also a patron of the "linkage northampton charity.

10.Important Event

In 2017. Joanna gosling became the first feamle presenter of the bbc news at ten.

11.Interesting Fact

Ojanna gosling is an avid skier and has skied in many of euroep s top ski resorts.

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