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Gender Female
Age 57
Date of birth March 18,1966
Zodiac sign Pisces
Born Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Office Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
Party Scottish National Party
Job Politician
BooksSelf Initiations: A Manual for Spiritual Breakthrough
Living Mastery: The Expression of Your Divinity
Official site
Position Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
Leader Angus Robertson
Ian Blackford
Education The University of Edinburgh
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Joanna Cherry Life story

Joanna Catherine Cherry QC is a Scottish politician and lawyer serving as the Member of Parliament for Edinburgh South West since 2015. A member of the Scottish National Party, she was the party's Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice in the House of Commons from 2015 to 2021.

Early Life and Education

Joanna cherry was born in edinburgh. Scotland. On 31 october 1964. She attended rcaigmount high school. Where she obtained a degree in law. Before attending edinburgh university to study jurisprudence.

Legal Career

After graduating. Cherry worked as a solicitor in edinburgh. Before becoming a patrner at anderson strathern in 1998. She was appointed queen s counsel in 2011. Specializing in corporate and commercial alw.

Political Career

Cherry was elected to the scottish parlimaent for the edinburgh central constituecny in 2007. And was re-elected in 2011. In 2015. She was elected to the uk parliament for edinburgh south west.

Public Appearances

Cherry has made numerous appearances on television and radio. Including bbc s question time. In which she answered questions from the audience on variosu political topics.


Cherry has long been a campaigner for gender equality and lgbt rights. And in 2016 she co-chaired the all-party parliamentary group on women’s rights.

Legal Cases

Cherry has represented clients in numerous legal cases. Including a successful appeal to the superme court in 2017 in which she argued that the uk government could not trgiger brexit without a parliamentary vote.

Political Positions

Cherry is a mmeber of the snp. And supports the party s policy of scottish independence. She is also a proponent of the european union. And has spoken out against the uk s decision to elave the eu.

Interesting Facts

Joanna cherry is a keen cyclist. And has cycled around the world. Including from london to edinburgh. She is also a keen runner and has completed the edinbrugh marathon four times.

Important Event

In resigned from her post as the snp s hoem affairs spokesperson in the house of commons. Citing the uk gvoernment s refusal to grant a second scottish independence referendum.

Personal Life

Cherry is a married mother of two. Adn currently resides in edinburgh.

SNP leadership: Voting opens as race enters final fortnight

SNP leadership: Voting opens as race enters final fortnight
Mar 13,2023 5:11 am

... One of the party s best known MPs, Joanna Cherry KC, has given her support to Ms Regan...

John Swinney backs Humza Yousaf in SNP leadership race

John Swinney backs Humza Yousaf in SNP leadership race
Mar 11,2023 5:50 pm

... One of the party s best known MPs, Joanna Cherry KC, has given her support to Ms Regan...

SNP rivals set out indyref2 plans in TV debate

SNP rivals set out indyref2 plans in TV debate
Mar 7,2023 5:40 pm

... Finance secretary Ms Forbes has the backing of business minister Ivan McKee, while Ms Regan has the support of high profile MP Joanna Cherry...

Jeane Freeman would not have supported gender reform law

Jeane Freeman would not have supported gender reform law
Feb 20,2023 3:01 am

... Meanwhile, SNP MP Joanna Cherry has claimed the gender row was " a microcosm of what s gone wrong under Nicola s leadership"...

Humza Yousaf and Ash Regan launch bids to become SNP leader

Humza Yousaf and Ash Regan launch bids to become SNP leader
Feb 18,2023 9:31 pm

... The SNP s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and high-profile MP Joanna Cherry have also said they will not run for the leadership...

SNP to announce new leader within six weeks

SNP to announce new leader within six weeks
Feb 17,2023 10:51 am

... Possible replacements include: Deputy First Minster John Swinney, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and MP Joanna Cherry have The final ballot will be open from 13 March until 27 March...

Humza Yousaf 'seriously considering' SNP leadership bid

Humza Yousaf 'seriously considering' SNP leadership bid
Feb 17,2023 10:41 am

... But Deputy First Minister John Swinney and the SNP s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn have already ruled themselves out, with high-profile MP Joanna Cherry also saying she will not stand...

John Swinney rules himself out of SNP leadership race

John Swinney rules himself out of SNP leadership race
Feb 16,2023 6:01 pm

... And confirming she would not stand, fellow MP Joanna Cherry said the SNP " needs a leadership election that is about policies and not personalities"...

John Swinney backs Humza Yousaf in SNP leadership race

Feb 16,2023 2:11 pm

Deputy First Minister John Swinney has backed Humza Yousaf in The Race to replace Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader and First Minister .

Mr Swinney is The Most high-profile figure in The Party to endorse the Scottish health secretary.

But Kate Forbes ' campaign manager said The Announcement suggested the SNP hierarchy were " absolutely panicking".

Mr Yousaf is standing against the finance secretary and ex-community safety minister Ash Regan .

SNP members will start voting for the new leader on Monday, with The Winner to be announced on 27 March.

Mr Swinney's endorsement comes after The Party 's confirmed he would be supporting Mr Yousaf.

Nicola Sturgeon has previously said she would not be publicly backing any of the three candidates.

Last month John Swinney questioned whether it would be appropriate for to be SNP leader.

He spoke out after the finance secretary, who is a member of The Free Church of Scotland, made clear if she had been an MSP in 2014.

In a statement released on Saturday Night He Said : " Humza is best placed to lead our party because he will strengthen the SNP as a force for progressive change in Scottish politics.

" Humza will govern effectively by using the partnership that we enjoy with the Scottish Green Party - guaranteeing us a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament .

" And crucially, Humza will widen our support in attracting new supporters to Scottish Independence. "

Mr Swinney, who will later this month, said Mr Yousaf was The Candidate who would " complete our journey to independence" and praised his track record in power.

The Perthshire North MSP added: " Humza is an experienced minister who's done all the Tough Stuff that you have to do day in day out within government.

" He's put his heart and soul into all The Work he's done within The Party to make the SNP an inclusive Political Party . "

Mr Yousaf said he was honoured to have the backing of a " true giant of the SNP and independence movement".

He added: " Like Nicola, our party owes so much of our success to John's stewardship.

" John's backing is a massive boost To My progressive grassroots campaign to stand up for Scottish democracy, protect and advance rights, unite our Yes movement and secure independence for Scotland. "

It's the endorsement every candidate wanted, short of that of Nicola Sturgeon herself.

Many waited to see what John Swinney was going to do before deciding on their own leadership campaigns, such is his popularity within the SNP.

So this is a coup for Humza Yousaf - and an addition to The Host of high-profile backers he has already got in the bag.

It does underline his position as the " continuity candidate" given much of The Present regime is now backing him.

And while Mr Yousaf insists he is very much his own man, he has embraced the idea that continuing the electoral success The Party has enjoyed would be no bad thing.

There is a slight danger for him in appearing too much of an establishment figure, in a movement with a distinctly anti-establishment ethos.

But he will be hoping that the backing of influential members like Mr Swinney will trickle down to the grassroots and help to deliver victory.

Following Mr Swinney's announcement Ms Forbes' campaign manager questioned the timing of The Move .

Falkirk East MSP Michelle Thomson said: " When the current deputy First Minister decides to personally intervene in The Leadership contest at such a late stage, you get The Sense that senior figures in The Party have seen the polls and are absolutely panicking.

" Given how close We Are to the vote opening, many party members will look upon this 11Th Hour intervention rather cynically. They don't need to be told by party HQ what to think or How To vote. "

Ms Thomson said it appeared the SNP hierarchy would prefer " an establishment transfer of power" rather than allowing its members the freedom to make " a healthy democratic choice".

Bbc Scotland has asked Ms Regan's campaign for a response to Mr Swinney's statement.

Veteran SNP MSPs Annabelle Ewing and Christine Grahame are among those to have announced they will be voting for Ms Forbes.

One of The Party 's best known MPs, Joanna Cherry KC, has given her support to Ms Regan.

The three leadership candidates will take part in an hour-long programme from Edinburgh at 20:00 on Tuesday 14 March On Bbc One Scotland.

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