Jimmy the Gent

Jimmy The Gent

1934 ‧ Drama/Crime ‧ 1h 7m

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  • Initial release
    March 17, 1934
  • Director
    Michael Curtiz
  • Production company
    Warner Bros.
  • Screenplay
    Bertram Millhauser
  • Producers
    Jack L. Warner
  • -
    Hal B. Wallis
  • -
    Robert Lord
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    Wiseguy con man Jimmy Corrigan (James Cagney) operates an agency that finds the heirs of wealthy persons who have recently met their maker without having drawn up a will -- but if he can't find any family members, he instead will enlist a friend to pose as the heir. When Jimmy's assistant and love interest, Joan Martin (Bette Davis), quits because his business isn't ethical and goes to work for his competitor, Charles Wallingham (Alan Dinehart), Jimmy sets out to prove his worth. …

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