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Gender Male
Age 92
Date of birth August 20,1931
Zodiac sign Leo
Born New York
United States
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The very best Christmas present
Alice's Wonderland adventure
Disney's Mickey's Christmas carol
Snow White in the enchanted forest
Bambi's woodland adventure
Winnie-the- Pooh and his friends
Mickey's Christmas carol adventure
Custer and Crazy Horse: A Story of Two Warriors
Sleeping Beauty and the prince
Wind in the willows adventure
PINOCCHIO'S Adventures
Jungle book adventure
The Genie in the Bottle
The Sherluck Bones Mystery-Detective Book 1
The Sherluck Bones Mystery-detective
The Flying Carpet
Friends in Need
The land before time
Desert Flight
Follow That Boat
Search for the Great Valley
The Sherluck Bones Mystery-Detective Book 2
Don't open this box!
Creature Feature: And Other Tales of Horror
Tales from the Weird Zone, Book 1
Walt Disney's The Jungle Book
Mighty Max and the Castle of Doom
Dick Tracy in Hot Water
The ghost in the mirror
Fun With Sea Creatures
Fun With Unicorns
The haunted playground and other stories
Monster of lost valley
Terror En El Espejo
Paper Airplanes to Make and Fly
Escape from Skull Island
Ghost of the Titanic
Drums of Doom
Christmas Action Cut-Outs
The Restless Dead: More Strange Real-Life Mysteries
Nightmare island, and other real-life mysteries
The plant monster
Fun with Dinosaurs
The Ghostbusters II joke, puzzle, and game book
Encyclopedia Brown's Third Book of Games and Puzzles
Encyclopedia Brown's First Book of Puzzles and Games
Zartax! the Invincible Transrobot
Peter Pan in Never Land
Littlefoot's Adventures
Cinderella's Magic Adventure
Dumbo's Circus
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Jim Razzi Life story

Jim Razzi is the author of over 80 books for children and young adults. Aside from his fiction, Razzi has done a number of popular puzzle books.

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