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Gender Male
Death105 years ago
Date of birth November 3,1856
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Born New Orleans
United States
Date of died March 10,1918
New Jersey
United States
Weight 98 (kg)
Job Baseball player
BooksThe Power of Risk: How Intelligent Choices Will Make You More Successful : a Step-by-step Guide
Business Lessons from the Edge: Learn How Extreme Athletes Use Intelligent Risk Taking to Succeed in Business
Body Language Sales Secrets: How to Read Prospects and Decode Subconscious Signals to Get Results and Close the Deal
Last Seen Alive
Light Up and Live: An Intelligent Guide to Safer Smoking
365 Daily Doses of Courage: Inspiration to Help You Take Leaps in Your Life
Winloss record265–214
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Jim McCormick Life story

Jim McCormick is a Grammy- and CMA-nominated, multiplatinum-selling songwriter. He is currently a staff writer at Eclipse Music Publishing. In 2021 his song "The Good Ones" was nominated by the Country Music Association for Song of the Year.

Physical Characteristics

Jim mccormick was a professional baseball player who was born on april 15.1891.He was feet tall and weighed 175 pounds.He had brown eyes and a muscular body type.


Jim was born to aprents john and mary mccormick.He had two siblings.A brother and a sister.He was married.Sarah.And had two children.He also had several relatives.

Life Story

Jim was born in pennsylvania and grew up in a small town.He attended school and was an excellent student.After graduating.He decided to pursue a career in baseball.He was a talented player and quickly rose to the top of the sport.He played for several teams throughout his career.Including the pittsburgh pirates and the chicago cubs.


Jim was a successful bsaeball player.He was known for his powerful hititng and excellent fielding.He was also known for his leadership skills and was often chosen as the team captain.He was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in .

Most Important Event

The most important event in jim s craeer was when he pitched a no-hitter against the cincinnati reds in 1911.This was a remarkable feat and cemented his place in baseball history.

Other Information

Jim s zodiac sign was aries and he was of american nationality.He was educated in pennsylvania and his actual occupation was a porfessional baseball player.He had a successful carere and was well-loved by his teammates and fans.He passed away on august 11.1965.

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