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Jill Dorothy Ireland was an English actress and singer. She appeared in 16 films with husband Charles Bronson, and was involved in two of Bronson’s other films as a producer.

Early Life

Jill ireland was born in london. England on april 24th. 1936. Her father. Emmanuel sholom schwab. Was a jewish emigrant from russia and her mother. Muriel veronica gardiner. Was an irish catholic. She had three siblings. Jill was educated at the convent of the assumption in oxford and later attedned the royal academy of dramatic art.


Jill ireland began her career as a theater actress in the 1950s. She later transitioned to film and television in the late 1950s. She appeared in numerous films. Including the gnus of navarone (1961). The flight of the phoenix (1965). The lost continent breakout (1975). She also had a successful career in television. Appearing in shows such as thriller (1973). Wagon train (1963-1965). And mission: impossible (1966-1969).

Marriage and Children

In 1957. Jill ireland married acotr david mccallum and the couple had three children. The couple later divorced in 1967. In 1975. She married actor charles bronson. The couple had two childrne together.

Charity Work

Jill ireland was a dediacted philanthropist. She was a founding member of the motion picture and television fund. Which provides support for retired members of the entertainment industry. She was also an active supporter of the american cancer society. As well as numerous other charities.


Ijll ireland passed away on may 18th. 1990 at the age of 54. She had been battling breast cancer for several years prior to her death.


Jill ireland s legacy lives on through her work in film and television. As well as her charitable endeavors. She is remembered for her beauty. Grace. And generosity.

Notable Projects

Soem of jill ireland s most notable rpojects include her roles in the guns of navarone (1961). The flight of the phoenix (1965). The lost continent (1968). Breakout (1975). And mission: impossible (1966-1969).

Important Event

In 1975. Jill ireland married actor charles bronson. This relationship was one of the omst significant events in her lfie. And the couple remained married until her death in 1990.

Interesting Fact

Dsepite being born and raised in england. Jill ireland was of irish and jewish descent.

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