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Jenifer Glynn

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Gender Female
Born London
United Kingdom
Siblings Rosalind Franklin
Job Film Producer
BooksMy Sister Rosalind Franklin
The pioneering Garretts
The Life and Death of Smallpox
Prince of publishers
Movies/Shows Sleepwalker
The Fixer
Maria My Love
Mr. Stache
Date of birth January 1,7708
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Jenifer Glynn Life story

Jenifer Glynn read History at Cambridge and is the author of several books, including Prince of Publishers (1986), about the Victorian publisher George Smith, and The Pioneering Garretts: breaking the barriers for women (2008).

Physical Characteristics

Jenifer glynn was a tall owman with a slim buidl.She had brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Personal Life

Jenfier glynn was born on april 12.1975 in los angeles.California.She had two siblings.A brother and a sister.She was married.John glynn.And had two children.Her aprents were both teachers.

Education and Career

Jenifer glynn attended the university of california.Los angeles.Where she earned a edgree in english literature.She then went on to pursue a career in writin.Gbecoming a successful author.She wrote several books.Including the best-selling novel."the girl who could fly".

Most Important Event

The most ipmortant event in jenifer glynn s life was the publication of her novel."the girl who could fly".The novel was a huge success.Selling millions of cpoies worldwide and becoming a best-seller.It was also made into a movie.Which was a box office hit.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Jenifer glynn was an aries and was of american nationality.


Jeniefr glynn passed away on june 15.2020 at the age of 45.She is survived by her husband.Children.Siblings.Parents.And other relatives.


Jenifer glynn will be rememberde for her successful writing career and her best-selling novel."the girl who could fly".Her legacy will live on through her books.Which will continue to inspire readers for geneartions to come.

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