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Isao Life story

Isao Takahata was a Japanese director, screenwriter and producer. A co-founder of Studio Ghibli, he has earned international critical acclaim for his work as a director of Japanese animated feature films.

Isao (いさお, イサオ) is a masculine Japanese given name which was popular during the Shōwa period.

Possible writings

Isao can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

功, "achievement"

勲, "meritorious"

績, "exploits"

公, "public"

勇男, "brave, man"

勇夫, "brave, man"

勇雄, "brave, masculine"



伊三男The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.

People with the name

Isao Abe (阿部 功, 1912–1980), Japanese hammer thrower

Isao Aoki (功, born 1942), Japanese professional golfer

Isao Asai (浅井 功, born 1942), Japanese ice hockey player

Isao Harimoto (勲, born 1940), Zainichi Korean professional baseball player

Isao Hashizume (功, born 1941), Japanese actor

Isao Hayashi (林 伊佐緒, 1912–1995), Japanese singer and composer

Isao Homma (born 1981), Japanese footballer who plays for Albirex Niigata

Isao Inokuma (功, 1938–2001), Japanese judoka

Isao Iwabuchi (born 1933), Japanese Olympic football player

Isao Kakihara (垣原 功, born 1944), Japanese ice hockey player

Isao Kawabuchi (河淵 勲, born 1936), Japanese ice hockey player

Isao Kikuchi (born 1921), American graphic designer, painter, carver, illustrator

Isao Kimura (功, 1923–1981), Japanese actor

Isao Kubota (born 1983), Japanese footballer who plays for Samut Songkhram

Isao Kuraishi (倉石 功, born 1944), Japanese actor

Isao Matsuoka (功, born 1934), Chairman of Toho

Isao Morishita (森下 勲), Japanese motorcycle racer

Isao Nakajima (中島 功, born 1941), Japanese swimmer

Isao Nakauchi (功, 1922–2005), founder of Daiei

Isao Obata (1904–1976), pioneering Japanese master of Shotokan karate

Isao Okano (功, born 1944), Japanese judoka

Isao Okawa (功, 1926–2001), former Chairman of Sega

Isao Okazaki (功, 1920–2006), Japanese right-wing activist

Isao Ono (小野 悳, born 1933), Japanese ice hockey player

Isao Sasaki, (功, Japanese anime singer, actor, and voice actor

Isao Shinohara, (篠原 功), Japanese voice actor

Isao Takagi (高木 功, born 1961), Japanese professional wrestler

Isao Takahata (勲, 1935–2018), Japanese anime director

Isao Tamagawa (伊佐男, 1922–2004), Japanese actor

Isao Tomita (勲, born 1932), Japanese electronic music composer

Isao Yamada (山田 勇男, born 1952), Japanese film director

Isao Yamagata (1915–1996), Japanese film actor (fl. 1951 and 1984)

Isao Yamagishi (山岸 勲, born 1966), Japanese diver

Isao Yoneda (功, born 1977), Japanese gymnast

Isao Yukisada (勲, born 1968), Japanese film director

Fictional characters

Isao, a character in the manga series How to Keep a Mummy

Isao Iinuma, protagonist of the novel Runaway Horses

Isao Ohta (功), a character in the anime and manga series Mobile Police Patlabor

Kondo Isao, a character in the anime and manga series Gin Tama

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