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Ingrid Wickman

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Gender Female
Born Gävle Parish
Children Cat Stevens
Grandchildren Yoriyos
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Ingrid Wickman Life story


Ingrid wickman was born on april 8.1921 in london.England.She was the daughter of a swedish father and a german mother.She had two siblings.A brother and a sister.Ingrid was a tall.Slender woman with blue eyes and auburn hair.She was a veyr kind and gentle person who was always willing to help others. Ingrid married frederick stevens in 1941 and they had three children.Including cat stevens.Ingrid was a devoted mother and was always there for her children.She was a great cook and enjoyed abking cakes and cookies for her family.She was also a talented seamstress and enjoyed maknig clothes for her children.


Ingrid worked as a secretary for a loacl newspaper in london.Hse was a hard worker and was very dedicated to her job.She was also a talented singer and enjoyed performing in local clubs.

Most Important Event

The most miportant event in ingrid s life was ewhn her son.Cat stevens.Became a famous singer-songwriter.Ingrid was very proud of her son and was always supportive of his music career.She was also very proud of his humanitarian work and his commitment to helping others.

Personal Life

Ingrid was a deovted wife and mother.She was a loving and caring person who was always there for her family.She was also a very spiritual perosn and enjoyed reading books about spirituality and meditation. Ingrid passed away on paril 8.2001 at the age of 80.She was a beloved mother and grandmother and will always be remembered for her kindness and generosity.

Zodiac Sign

Ingrid s zdoiac sign was aries.


Ingrid was of british nationality.

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