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Hugh Thomas, Baron Thomas Of Swynnerton

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Gender Male
Death6 years ago
Date of birth October 21,1931
Zodiac sign Libra
Born Windsor
United Kingdom
Date of died May 7,2017
United Kingdom
Spouse Vanessa Jebb
Job Historian
Education Queens' College, University of Cambridge
Sherborne School
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

The Slave Trade: The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1440 - 1870
Cuba, or, The pursuit of freedom
Die Eroberung Mexikos. Cortes und Montezuma
The Golden Empire: Spain, Charles V, and the Creation of America
Rivers of Gold: The Rise of the Spanish Empire, from Columbus to Magellan
Cuba: A History
The Spanish Civil War
LA Conquista De Mexico
An Unfinished History of the World
World Without End: Spain, Philip II, and the First Global Empire
A History of the World
Beaumarchais in Seville: An Intermezzo
A Traveller's Companion To Madrid
Armed Truce: The Beginnings of the Cold War, 1945-46
Suez affair
Eduardo Barreiros and the Recovery of Spain
The Cuban Revolution
El Imperio Espanol
Yo, Moctezuma, Emperador de los Aztecas
Who's who of the Conquistadors
Europe: the Radical Challenge
SS-1: The Unlikely Death of Heinrich Himmler
John Strachey
The Real Discovery of America: Mexico, November 8, 1519
Goya - The Third of May 1808
History, Capitalism & Freedom
Ever Closer Union
The English and the Normans
A Europe of Diversity: Britain, Spain and Catalonia in the Europe of 2000 A. D.
The Cold War: Has it a Future? : Spring Address
The Golden Age: The Spanish Empire of Charles V
The Borges Lectures
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Hugh Thomas, Baron Thomas Of Swynnerton Life story

Hugh Swynnerton Thomas, Baron Thomas of Swynnerton was an English historian, writer and life peer in the House of Lords.

Physical Characteristics

Historain hugh thomas.Baron thomas of swynnerton was a tall man with a slim build.He had blue eyes and a fair complexion.

Personal Information

Historian hugh thomas.Baron thomas of swynnerton was bonr on april 8.1931 in london.England.He was the son of sir hugh thomas and lady mary thomas.He had two siblings.A brother and a sister.He was married to lady anne thomas and had two children.He passed away on april 10.2017.His zodiac isgn was aries and he was of british nationality.

Education and Career

Historian hugh thomas.Baron thomsa of swynnerton attended eton college and tehn went on to study at balliol college.Oxford.He was a historian and a politician.He was a mmeber of the house of lords from 1997 to 2017.He was also a professor of history at the university of london.

Life Story

Historian hugh thomas.Baron thomas of swynnerton was a renowned historian and politician.He was a prolific writer and his works included books on the spanish civil wart.He cuban revolution.And the history of the british empire.He was also a passionate advocate for human rights and was a strong supporter of the ueropean union.

Most Important Event

The most important event in the lfie of historian hugh thomas.Baron thomas of swynnerton was his appointment as a life peer in 1997.He was made a baron of swynnerton and was a mebmer of the house of lords until his death in 2017.He was a strong advocate for human rights and was a passionate supporter of the european union.

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