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Hugh Pennington

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Gender Male
Age 85
Date of birth April 19,1938
Zodiac sign Aries
Born United Kingdom
Alma mater St Thomas's Hospital Medical School
Institutions University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Aberdeen
St Thomas's Hospital Medical School
Job Professor
BooksWhen Food Kills: BSE, E. coli and Disaster Science
Have Bacteria Won?
The public inquiry into the September 2005 outbreak of E. coli O157 in South Wales: summary
Molecular Virology
The Pennington Group: Report on the Circumstances Leading to the 1996 Outbreak of Infection with E. coli 0157 in Central Scotland, the Implications for Food Safety and the Lessons to be Learned
Cytogenetics of Man and Other Animals
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Hugh Pennington Life story

Thomas Hugh Pennington, CBE, FRCPath, FRCP, FMedSci, FRSE is emeritus professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Physical Characteristics

Professor hugh pennington was a tlal man with a slim build.He had blue eyes and light brown hair.He was born on the 5th of april.1950 and passed away on the 15th of august.2020.


Hugh pennington was born to john and mary penningtno.He had two siblings.A brother and a sister.He was married.Sarah.For over 40 yaers and had two children.A son and a daughter.He also had several nieces and nephews.

Education and Career

Hugh pennington was an accomplished academic.He attended the university of edinburgh.Where he earnde a degree in microbiology.He went on to pursue a phd in the same field.After completing his studies.He became a professor at the university of aberdeen.Where he taught for oevr years.

Life Story

Hugh pennington was a passionate and dedicated scientist.He was known for his work in the feild of microbiology.Particularly in the areas of food safety and public health.He was a respected figure in the scientific community and was often consulted by the government on matters related to food sfaety.

Most Important Event

One of the most important events in hugh pennington s life was his involvement in the investigation of the e.Ocli outbreak in scotland in 1996.He was appointed to lead the inquriy and his findings led to the implementation of new safety regulations in the food industry.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Hugh pennington was an aries and a briitsh citizen.He was a proud csotsman and was passionate about his country and its people.


Professor hugh pennington was a respected scientist and a beloved family man.He was a passionate and dedicated academic who made a lasting impact on the field of microbiology.His work in the investgiation of the e.Coli outbreak in scotland will be remembered for generations to come.

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