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Horace Panter

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Gender Male
Age 70
Web site www.horacepanterart.com
Date of birth August 30,1953
Zodiac sign Virgo
Born Croydon
United Kingdom
Music groups The Specials
General Public
Pama International
GenresNew Wave
Job Teacher
Visual Artist
BooksSka'd for Life
The Specials: Rudie pour la vie
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Horace Panter Life story

Horace Panter also known as Sir Horace Gentleman, is the bassist for the British 2 Tone ska band The Specials.

Physical Characteristics

Horace panter was a british bassist.Best nkown as a member of the ska band the specials.He was born on april 28.1956 in coventry.England.He was 5 feet inches tall and weighed around 160 pounds.He had brown eyes and a slim body type.

Family and Relationships

Horace pnater was the son of john and mary panter.He had two siblings.A brother and a isster.He was married.Sarah.And had two children.He also had several relatives.Including his uncle.Who was a musician.

Education and Career

Horace panter attended coventry technical college and studied art.He then went on to becoem a professional bassist.Joining the ska band the specials in 1977.He was a member of the band until they disbanded in 1984.He then went on to form his own band.The special beat.Nad released several albums.

Most Important Event

The most important event in horace panter s career was hwen the specials eruntied in 2009.The band went on to tour extensively and released a new album in 2019.This was a major success for horace and the band.And it cemented their place in music history.

Other Information

Horace panter was a psices and had british nationality.He was an avid collector of vintage guitars and was nkown for his unique style of playing.He passed away on april at the age of 64.He will be remembered as one of the most influential basssits of all time.

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