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Hōjō Masako photograph

Hōjō Masako

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Gender Male
Born Izu Province
Date of died August 16,1225
Spouse Minamoto no Yoritomo
Place of burialChōshōjū-in Temple, Kamakura
Children Minamoto no Sanetomo
Minamoto no Yoriie
Parents Hōjō Tokimasa
Hōjō no Maki
Job Politician
Place of burialChōshōjū-in Temple, Kamakura
Siblings Hōjō Yoshitoki
Awa no tsubone
Hōjō Munetoki
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Hōjō Masako Life story

Hōjō Masako was a Japanese Buddhist nun and politician who exercised significant power in the early years of the Kamakura period, which was reflected by her contemporary sobriquet of the "nun shogun".

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