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Gender Female
Age 64
Web site www.hilarymckay.co.uk
Date of birth June 12,1959
Zodiac sign Gemini
Born Boston
United Kingdom
Job Author
Awards Guardian Children's Fiction Prize
Nestlé Smarties Book Prize for 9 to 11 years
Official site hilarymckay.co.uk
Education University of St Andrews
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Binny Bewitched
Saffy's Angel
Love to Everyone
Permanent Rose
Indigo's star
Forever Rose
The Exiles
Caddy ever after
Caddy's World
Binny for Short
Wishing for Tomorrow
Exiles at Home
The exiles in love
Binny in Secret
Dog Friday
The amber cat
Straw Into Gold: Fairy Tales Re-Spun
Dolphin Luck
Charlie and the Big Snow
There's a dragon downstairs
Charlie and the Great Escape
Charlie and the Cat-flap
Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door
Charlie and the Rocket Boy
Lulu and the Dog from the Sea
What I Did in the Holidays. . . : A Hansel and Gretel Retelling by Hilary McKay
Lulu and the Hedgehog in the Rain
The Tower and the Bird: A Rapunzel Retelling by Hilary McKay
Charlie: The Big Birthday Bash, &, The Tooth Fairy
Lulu and the Cat in the Bag
Was that Christmas?
Straw Into Gold: A Rumpelstiltskin Retelling by Hilary McKay
The Prince and the Problem: A The Princess and the Pea Retelling by Hilary McKay
Things Were Different in Those Days: A The Twelve Dancing Princesses Retelling by Hilary McKay
Chickenpox and Crystal: A Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Retelling by Hilary McKay
The Fountain in the Market Square: A The Pied Piper of Hamelin Retelling by Hilary McKay
A Strong Smell of Magic
Lulu and the Hamster in the Night
Sweet William by Rushlight: A The Swan Brothers Retelling by Hilary McKay
The Sticky Witch
The Zoo in the Attic
The Echo in the Chimney
The Treasure in the Garden
Keeping Cotton Tail
Cold Enough for Snow
Rose's Blog
Pudding Bag School
The Roses Round the Palace: A Cinderella Retelling by Hilary McKay
The Terrible Time Without Tilly
Tilly and the Dragon: Red Banana
Saffy's Angel
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Hilary McKay Life story

Hilary McKay is a British writer of children's books. For her first novel, The Exiles, she won the 1992 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, a once-in-a-lifetime book award judged by a panel of British children's writers.

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