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Gender Male
Death59 years ago
Date of birth August 10,1874
Zodiac sign Leo
Born West Branch
United States
Date of died October 20,1964
DiedWaldorf-Astoria New York
New York
United States
Presidential termMarch 4, 1929 – March 4, 1933
Spouse Lou Henry Hoover
Vice president Charles Curtis
Height 182 (cm)
Job Politician
Civil engineer
Education Stanford University
George Fox University: Newberg Campus
Awards John Fritz Medal
Public Welfare Medal
Hoover Medal
Latest noncurrent party Republican Party
Children Herbert Hoover Jr.
Allan Hoover
Edited worksThis Man Hoover Part 1-2: A Human Interest Story and As a Man Thinks
FoundedHoover Institution On War
Revolution And Peace At Stanford University
Grandchildren Andrew Hoover
Great grandchild Margaret Hoover
Party Republican Party
Parents Jesse Hoover
Hulda Hoover
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover
The Challenge to Liberty
American Individualism
Further Addresses Upon the American Road
Fishing for fun--and to wash your soul
On Growing Up
The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson
Principles of Mining
An American Epic
The Problems of Lasting Peace
American Ideals Versus the New Deal
State of the Union Addresses of Herbert Hoover
Two Peacemakers in Paris
The State Papers and Other Public Writings of Herbert Hoover, V1: March 4, 1929 to October 1, 1931
The State Papers and Other Public Writings of Herbert Hoover
The New Day: Campaign Speeches of Herbert Hoover, 1928
State of the Union - 1929 to 1932
Boyhood in Iowa
America's Way Forward
Campaign Speeches of 1932
National Security Organization
The Basis of Lasting Peace
An American Epic V1: Introduction, the Relief of Belgium and Northern France, 1914-1930
Reorganization of Federal Business Enterprises: A Report to the Congress, March 1949
Addresses Upon the American Road: 1933/38-1955/60
Executive Personnel: Balance Sheet and Accounts; French Government Accounts; Belgian Government Accounts; Supporting Schedules; Statistical Data: Covering Six Years from Commencement of Operations, October, 1914, to 30th September, 1920
Engineers and Public Affairs
Concluding Report: A Report to the Congress, May 1949
The Allied Debts: International Conciliation, No. 181, December, 1922
Reorganization of the Department of the Interior: A Report to the Congress, March 1949
A Cause to Win
Social Security and Education, Indian Affairs
Revolving Funds and Business Enterprises of the Government, Exclusive of Lending Agencies: A Report with Recommendations
40 Key Questions about Our Foreign Policy
Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Herbert Hoover, 1929
An American Epic V2: Famine in Forty-Five Nations, Organization Behind the Front, 1914-1923
American Ideals Verses the New Deal
America and the World Crisis
Morals in Government: Address by the Hon. Herbert Hoover Before the Joint Republican Organizations in Kansas City, Missouri on September 28th, 1938
Think of the Next Generation: Birthday Address
The Economics of Mining - Scholar's Choice Edition
Central European Relief; Relief for Europe; Intervention on Behalf of the Children in Countries Affected by the War
Undermining Representative Government
The Abingdon War-Food Book;
The Imperative Need for Moral Re-armament: Address by the Honorable Herbert Hoover Before the Annual Meeting of the York Bible Class, Toronto, Canada, on November 22, 1938
President Roosevelt's New Foreign Policies: Addresses Delivered to Council on Foreign Relations
Inaugural Addresses
Administration of Overseas Affairs: A Report to the Congress, March 1949
Reorganization of Federal Medical Activities: A Report to the Congress, March, 1949
The Speeches of President Herbert Hoover
Business Cycles and Unemploymentfirst Edition
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Herbert Hoover Life story

Herbert Clark Hoover was an American politician who served as the 31st president of the United States from 1929 to 1933. A member of the Republican Party, he held office during the onset of the Great Depression.

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