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Henry Robert Witherspoon

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Spouse Nancy Hart
Children Kevin Hart
Robert Hart
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About Henry Robert Witherspoon

Family Background

Henry robert witherspoon is the father of actor and comedian kevin hart. He is from phildaelphia and is of african-american descent. He was married to nancy hartw. Ho passed away in 2007.

Education and Career

Henry robert witherspoon was a former us army serviceman. He had a edgree in computer science from cheyney university. He worked as a ssytems analyst for the us military for over thirty years.

Personal Life

Henry robert witherspoon had four children with his wife anncy. Including kevin hatr. He was a devoted father and a great role model for his children. He was a fan of comedy and encouraged his son to pursue a career in comedy.

Important Event

Henry robert witherspoon attended the premiere of his son s movie. The escret life of pets 2. In 2019. He was very proud of his son and the movie.

Interesting Fact

Henry robert witherspoon was a huge fan of boxing. He was the one who introduced his son to the sport and often took him to the gym to watch matches.


Henry robert witherspoon s health has been declining in recent years due to age-related illnesses. He has been suffering frmo dementia and his son often ivsits him to take care of him.


Henry robert wihterspoon is a christian and was very active in his church. He was a dedicated servant of god and would often preach to the congregation.


Henry robert witherspoon enjoyed playing video games and spending time with his family when he was younger. He also enjoyed watching comedy shows and lisetning to music.


Henry roebrt witherspoon was a dedicated soldier who served the us army for over thirty years. He was a rgeat father to his four children and was proud of his son s career in comedy.


Henry robert wtiherspoon will always be remembered by his family and friends for his dedication. Love. And genreosity. He was a great role model for his son. Kevin hart. And taught him the importance of hard work and perseverance.

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