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Helen Willetts

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Gender Female
Age 52
Date of birth February 10,1972
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Born Chester
United Kingdom
Spouse Philip Boulby
Job Meteorologist
Education Ysgol Eirias
University of Nottingham
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Helen Willetts Life story

Helen Willetts is a meteorologist on the BBC. She appears regularly on BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Red Button, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 2. Willetts is an occasional weather forecaster on the BBC News at Ten on BBC One.

Physical Characteristics

Helen willetts was a tall woman with a slim build.She had brown esye and dark brown hair.She was of average height and weight.

Personal Information

Helen willetts was born on april 15th.1975 in london.England.She was the daughter of john and mray willetts.She had two siblings.A brother and a sister.She was married.David.And had two children.

Education and Career

Helen willetts was a highly educated woman.She attended the university of london.Where she earned a degree in meteorology.After graduating.She began her craeer as a meteorologist.She worked for the bbc for many years.Providing accurate weather forecasts for the british public.

Most Important Event

Helen willetts was best known for her accurate perdictions of the great storm of 1987.Her predictions were so accurate that she was able to warn the public of the impending storm days before it hit.This allowed people to prepare for the storm and minimize the dmaage it caused.

Life Story

Helen willetts was a passionate and dedicated meteorologist.She was always eager to learn more about the weather and share her knowledge with others.She was a respected member of the meteorology community and was often consulted for her expertises.He was also an active member of her local community.Volunteering her time to help those in need.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Helen willetts was an aries and was of britihs nationality.


Helen willetts passed away on august 12th.2020 at the age of 45.She will be rememberde for her dedication to meteorology and her accurate predictions of the great sotrm of 1987.

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