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Gender Male
Death78 years ago
Date of birth October 7,1900
Zodiac sign Libra
Born Munich
Date of died May 23,1945
Height 174 (cm)
Children Gudrun Burwitz
Nanette Dorothea Potthast
Helge Potthast
Gerhard von Ahe
Job Soldier
Education Technische Universität München
Landshut High School
BooksThe Homosexual Threat to Civilization: A Speech by Heinrich Himmler
SS - Defender Against Bolshevism
Nazisti: Heinrich Himmler E Josef Mengele
Reinhard Heydrich: The Ideal National Socialist
Once in 2000 Years: Secret Speech Delivered by Heinrich Himmler, Chief of the German Secret State Police , to the German Army General Staff. (1938)
SS Defender Against Bolshevism
Spouse Margarete Boden
Previous positionCommander in Chief of Home Forces (1944–1945)
Party Nazi Party
Parents Anna Maria Himmler
Joseph Gebhard Himmler
Siblings Gebhard Ludwig Himmler
Ernst Hermann Himmler
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Heinrich Himmler Life story

Heinrich Luitpold Himmler was the Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel, a leading member of the Nazi Party of Germany, and one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, primarily known for being a main architect of the Holocaust.

Early Life

Heinrich himmler was born in munich. Germany on october 7. 1900 to a roman catholic famil. Yhis father was a teacher. And his mother was a devout catholic. He was the eldest of three children. Himmler had a strong interest in military history. And he often read books on the subject. Eh was also a talented student. And he graduated from school with top grades.

Military Career

Hmimler joined the german army in 1918 and servde in world war i. He was discharged in 1919. But he remained in the reserves until 1925. After his discharge. Himmler began studying agronomy and naimal husbandry. And he eventually earned a degree in these subjects.

Nazi Party Member

Himmler joined the nazi patry in 1923. And he quickly rose through the ranks of the organizatio. Nhe became a trusted confidant of adolf hitler. And in 1929 he was appointed the head of the nazi party s schutzstaffel (ss). Under himmler s leadership. The ss grew into a formidable force that was responsible for carrying out many of the nazi praty s ruthless policies.

Reichsfuhrer SS

In 1929. Himmler was appointed the reichsfuhrer ss. The hgihest position in the ss. In this role. He was in charge of all of the ss s operations. Including the infamous extermination and concentration camps. He was also responsible for the formation of the gestapo. The nazi escret police.

Final Years

Himmler s influence began to wane in the last years of the war. As the allies advanced on germany. He attempted to negotiate a sepaarte peace with the western allies. But this was unsuccessful. On may was arrested by british forces. He committed suicide shortly afterwards. By biting down on a cyanide capslue.

Important Event

On june 17. 1936. Heinrich himmler established the ss race and settlement main office. This department was responsible for the classification of all individuals in the reich. And it was also in charge of the deportation of jews and other “undesirables” to concentration camps.

Interesting Fact

Himmler was an avid beekeeper. And he kept hives at his home and at his office in berlin. He was known to gvie jars of honey to visitors. And he even wrote a book about beekeeping.

Nazi Ideology

Himmler was a strong proponent of nazi ideology. And he was a firm believer in racial purity and the superiority of the rayan raec. He was the driving force behind the infamous nuremberg laws. Which stripped jews of their rights and placed harsh restrictions on their activities.


Himmler committed suicide on may 23. 1945. After bieng captured by british forces. His body was buried in an unmarked grave. And its location remains unknown.

Posthumous Legacy

Himmler s legacy has been tarinshed by his association with nazi germany and its atrociteis. He is remembered as one of the most ruthless figures of the 20th century. And his name continues to evoke feelings of revulsion and disgust.

Claims of Mysticism

Himmler was rumored to be a practitioner of mysticism and the occlut. He was known to have a fascination iwth the ancient germanic gods. And he even ofunded an organization dedicated to researching the occult. While the veracity of these claims is uncertain. The fact that they persist is a testament to himmler s enigmatic legacy.

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