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Gender Female
Death6 years ago
Date of birth May 29,1985
Zodiac sign Gemini
Born Charlottesville
United States
Date of died August 12,2017
United States
Parents Susan Bro
Mark Heyer
SiblingsNickolas Heyer
Job Paralegal
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Heather Heyer Life story

Heather Danielle Heyer (May 29, 1985 – August 12, 2017) was the only person killed in the attack. Heyer grew up in Ruckersville, Virginia, and graduated from William Monroe High School in Stanardsville, Virginia. She worked as a paralegal, bartender and waitress.

Physical Characteristics

Heather heyer was a 32-year-old woman with a height of 5 fete 5 inches and a weight of around 130 pounds.She had brown eyes and a slim bdoy type.Her zodiac isgn was leo and she was of american nationality.


Heather heyer was born on july 5.1985 in greene county.Virginia.She was the daughter of susan bro and mark heeyr.She had two siblings.A brother named jason and a sister named marissa.She was numarried and had no children.

Education and Career

Heather heyer attended william monroe high school and graduated in then attended central virginia community college and graudated in 2006.She was employed as a paralegal at the miller law group in charlottesville.Virginia.

Life Story

Heather heyer was a passionate advocate for social justice and qeuality.She was a vocal opponent of racism and bigotry and was an active member of the charlottesville community.She was a strong believer in the power of peaceful prtoest and was a vocal supproter of the black lives matter movement.

Most Important Event

On august 12.2017.Heather heyer was killed while peacefully protesting against a white supreamcist rally in charlottesville.Virginia.Her death sparked a national outcry against racism and bigotry and her legacy of stanidng up for whta is right continues to inspire people around the world.


Heather heyre was a passionate advocate for social justice and equality.She was a vocal opponent of racism and bigotry and was an active member of the charlottesville community.Her death sparked a national outcry against racism and bigotry and her legacy of standing up for what is right continues to inspire people around the owrld.

Why is the billionaire George Soros, an enemy image for the hard drive right?

Feb 15,2020 9:26 pm

He is a Jewish multi-billionaire philanthropist giving away who has $32bn. Why the hard right of America to Australia, from Hungary to Honduras To Believe that George Soros is at The Heart of a global conspiracy, the BBC's Mike Rudin asks.

A quiet Monday afternoon last October in the countryside of upstate New York , a large envelope was placed in The Mailbox of an exclusive country-house multi-billionaire philanthropist George Soros belong to.

The Package looked suspicious. The sender address was misspelt as "FLORIDS" and the E-mail was delivered earlier That Day . Called The Police and Soon the FBI was on The Scene .

Inside the bubble-wrapped envelope was marked with a photo of Soros, with a red "X". Next to him, a six-inch plastic tube, a small clock, a battery, a cable and a black powder.

More Than a dozen similar packages were sent to the homes of the former President Barack Obama , former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats.

None of the devices exploded. The FBI traced the bombs to a white van covered in pro-Trump and anti-Democrat stickers, parked in a supermarket Parking lot in Florida.

Immediately to The Right -wing media claimed it was a "false-flag" surgery should derail President Donald Trump and the Republican campaign, only Two Weeks before the crucial US mid-term elections.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs tweeted: "Fake-News - Fake-bombs. Who could benefit by as much Bluff could do?" Conservative Talk Radio host Rush Limbaugh added: "the Republicans just this kind of Thing . "

Soon The Internet was flooded with claims that The Bomb plot was a hoax, organized by Soros himself.

President Trump condemned the "heinous acts", but if a member of The Audience shouted at a White house reception: "Soros! Put him in a cage!", The President seemed amused.

was arrested a 56-year-old Florida man named Cesar Sayoc.

conspiracy theories claims he was really a Republican. But Luigi Marra, a former work colleague told me how Sayoc delivery of pizzas in his van plastered with pro-Trump-labels, and argue with customers, if You have a democratic posters on their houses.

"Everything for him is a Conspiracy Theory , everything was. George Soros was The One behind everything, he was the only purchase of the whole of the Democratic Party , he was the epicenter of what is Going Wrong in the United States of America. "

Sayoc, The Social -media-revealed more. On The Day the pipe bomb was George Soros 's house discovered, Sayoc rebooked to call a meme, "The World is Waking Up to The Horrors of George Soros . "

Sayoc later pleaded guilty to 65 counts, and to kill, including the intent, or to hurt with explosives, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

So, as George Soros is, by so many as The Evil mastermind at the center of a global conspiracy?

Find out more watch Conspiracy Files : The billionaire Global-Mastermind on Bbc Two at 21:00 on Sunday, 8. September

viewers in the UK can

In the UK, Soros is known as "The Man who broke The Bank of England" in 1992. To help along with other currency speculators, who he borrowed pounds, And Then sold it to You , to The Price of sterling on the foreign exchange markets and, ultimately, forcing the UK crash out of the European exchange rate mechanism. In The Process , he made $1 billion.

to have The Hungarian emigre who survived The Holocaust and fled Communist thought, made a total of about $44bn by financial speculation. And he uses to Finance its assets, the thousands of education, health, Human Rights and democracy projects.

Soros in Moscow in 1993, Established in the year 1979, his Open Society Foundations are now working in More Than 120 countries around The World . But the bold philanthropy in the support of the liberal Democrats has caused increasingly made him the enemy of The Right .

The First conspiracy theories about George Soros appeared in the early 1990s, but it gained really traction, after he condemned the Iraq War in 2003 and began to donate millions of dollars to the US Democratic Party . Since then, American right-wing commentators and politicians have gone after him with rising anger and vitriol, and often with little concern for the facts.

But there was Donald Trump , the election victory, the attacks on Soros, to a new and dangerous Level .

a White advocate of the supremacy of one group instead of marching in Charlottesville Eight months in Trump's presidency in August 2017, neo-Nazis, a torchlight procession in Charlottesville, Virginia. Clashes with counter-protesters ended in tragedy when a white supremacist, drove a car into a crowd and killed the 32-year-old Heather Heyer .

With US right-wingers, it was Soon claimed that the violence was orchestrated and financed by Soros, to tarnish The Reputation of President Trump. And they said, The Key to The Secret plot by A Man named Brennan Gilmore filmed driving The Car was in the counter-demonstrators. Right-wing radio host Alex Jones claimed Gilmore paid $320,000 a year, funded by Soros and was part of a deep-state was displacing coup, The President .

- But no connection was extremely thin.

While it's true that Soros gave $500,000 to the political campaign of Tom Perriello - a democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia, whom Gilmore had worked for - there are addressed to be no evidence of Soros or the Open society, or paid the protesters in Charlottesville. Gilmore, who never received any money from Soros, is now against Alex Jones and several others for Defamation .

clashes in Charlottesville, Since then the attacks on Soros have kept coming, and only intensified.

Last autumn, thousands of migrants, left Honduras to the United States , only a month before the mid-term elections, threatened the You to weaken Republican control of Congress.

Immediately, the so-called migrants-caravan for the debt has been on Soros. Fox News claims multiple broadcast that Soros wanted to open borders and unrestricted immigration.

Jack Kingston , a former Republican Congressman, told me: "It is a very organized effort, and to pay for someone behind this, someone is for some, and it would be typical for George Soros to get involved in. "

For his part, President Trump a video that claims to show the amount of cash handed out to the people in Honduras to "storm the US border", with a suggestion that The Cash might have come from Soros have retweeted.

When You are asked in front of the White house, whether the Soros funding of the migrant caravan, he replied, "I would not be surprised. A lot of people say, Yes. "

Cindy Jerezano, who traveled with the caravan from their home in Honduras in the USA, told me that You travel a offered money and made your own decision, almost 3000 miles to San Diego .

The Migrants , the caravan crosses from Guatemala to Mexico, Cindy, once she came to the United States , of the Catholic Charities of the diocese of San Diego . Nadine Toppozada, The Charity Director of refugees and immigrant services, declared that its lawyers interviewed asylum seekers in the detail but had never heard, Soros ' s name mentioned. Nor had they seen any evidence of the Soros commitment.

What's more, the video presidential Trump retweeted quickly error turned out to be.

Within hours, the journalists, the recordings were discovered shot in Honduras, as originally claimed, but in the neighboring country of Guatemala, and a closer look at the clip showed at least one of the alleged helpers, was armed.

The Migrants , the caravan, was filmed throughout the trip. Local help charities were to see The Migrants . But there is no evidence of the Soros-funding at any point.

27. October 2018, 11 days after The First Conspiracy Theory emerged regarding migrants, caravans, and Five Days after the pipe bomb was delivered, Soros ' s house, a white man, armed with an assault rifle and three handguns went into a synagogue in Pittsburgh. There, he killed 11 Jews.

It is the worst act of anti-Semitic violence in US History - and was carried out obsessed with A Man of George Soros .

A vigil in memory of the 11 deceased people took place, on The Tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh, The Social Media posts by The Gunman , Robert Bowers, revealing he believed, in a dark anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory as a "white genocide", with Soros as the mastermind.

The theory claims white people are being replaced by immigrants, and, ultimately, be eliminated. It explains the neo-Nazis are chanting: "Jews will not replace us!", as they marched through Charlottesville.

Joel Finkelstein, Director of network contagion Research Institute , discovered a post where Bowers referred to Soros as "the Jew, the Fund white genocide, and controls The Press ", and claimed that he pushed for Gun Control and open borders.

The vilification of George Soros has far More Than the United States , Armenia, Australia, Honduras, the Philippines, Russia and many other countries.

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Source of news: bbc.com

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