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Gender Male
Death36 years ago
Date of birth February 10,1894
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Born Cadogan Place
United Kingdom
Date of died December 29,1986
DiedChelwood Gate
United Kingdom
Spouse Lady Dorothy Macmillan
Party Conservative Party
Job Politician
Awards Victory Medal
British War Medal
Children Maurice Macmillan
Education Summer Fields School
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

The Macmillan diaries
War diaries
Winds of change, 1914-1939
Tides of fortune, 1945-1955
The blast of war, 1939-1945
The Middle Way
The Past Masters
Pointing the way, 1959-1961
At the end of the day, 1961-1963
Riding the Storm 1959
The Macmillan Diaries II: Prime Minister and After: 1957-1966
Britain, the Commonwealth and Europe
Sides of Fortune, Nineteen Fourty-Five to Nineteen Fifty-Five
The Middle Way: A Study of the Problem of Economic and Social Progress in a Free and Democratic Society
The Macmillan diaries
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